At the Fence 2020 / Specials

Last flight September 21th 2020

J-065 F-16BM 322Tactess COBRA1

"COBRA1" Take-off Leeuwarden AB departure to Volkel Airbase
last flight "End of a lifetime".

Last flight August 28th 2020

J-631 F-16AM 322Tactess POLLY1

"POLLY1" Take-off Leeuwarden AB departure to Volkel Airbase
last flight "End of a lifetime".

Special opening Leeuwarden Airbase : Sunday 24-05-2020

On Sunday May 24th 2020, the annual memorial ceremony in the context of the Margaten Memorial Day will be held
at the military cemetery of Margraten.

EHLW NOTAM: AD OPR HR ARE CHANGED MAY24 1200Z (1400Lt) until MAY24 1430Z (1630Lt) WK21 Missing Man Formation, Margraten Cemetary

J-135 F-16AM 322Tactess NAF322A

J-061 F-16AM 322Tactess NAF322B

J-644 F-16AM 322Tactess NAF322C (Missing man)

J-631 F-16AM 322Tactess NAF322D

J-511 F-16AM 322Tactess NAF322E (SPARE)

Part of the ceremony consists of the execution of a missing man formation of 4 F-16 fighters from Leeuwarden Air Base.
The missing man can be carried out in different variants. The most common is where four aircraft mostly (fighters) in the so called
"finger four" formation flying, the aircraft flying in a V-shape, the leader flies to the point and his wingman left behind him.

The second man of the flight is flying right behind the leader, and his wingman right back there again from the front view,
the left leg of the V so longer than the right. This formation flying low enough over to be clearly seen and the second man pulls up
abruptly and climbs straight upwards, to FL 090 above the location of the monument in memory of the fallen from the formation.
The rest of the formation retains its rate until all the planes are out of sight.


NAF322B              NAF322C


The ceremony on the cemetary will be different this year due to the 1.5 meter regulations following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Garden Spotting : 29-04-2020

N 326 NH-90NFH 860sq TRIDENT10

"TRIDENT10" Take-off Naval Air base De Kooy -- De Kooy for a trainingflight enroute via the EHR4B 1175ft to Leeuwarden Airbase for a
low approach rwy05. After the low approach enroute to Eelde AP ...........

PH-PXF EC-135P2+ Nationale Politie POLICE/ZXP06

"POLICE/ZXP06" Enter Leeuwarden CTR from the South from Groningen 1000ft --> working overhead Leeuwarden City, after various
tracks RTB enroute to Schiphol, Amsterdam via enroute to Schiphol, Amsterdam ...........

Air Refueling mission : 21-04-2020 NAF41-VS-BARTOK98

T-235 KDC-10 334sq NAF41
08-0001 C-17A Globemaster III HAW/SAC BARTOK98

We write Tuesday 1838Lt ; NAF41 T-235 enter the Dutch/Frisian Airspace at 21025ft (FL210) with in his tail a C-17A BARTOK98 08-0001 from the
Heavy Airlift Wing (HAW) based at Papa Airbase, Hongary for a Air Refueling mission (Boom Freq. 299.600).

The AAR track was overhead Leeuwarden airbase--Northsea--Den Helder--Leeuwarden Airbase at FL210 (21000Ft)
after various hook-ups by several qualified Pilots in the C-17A the mission finished at 2100Lt and both aircrafts went RTB to there homebase.

Almost the last mission : 26-03-2020 "POLLY4 J-624

J-624 F-16AM 322Tactess POLLY4
80-3624 6D-56 - Factory : Fokker, Schiphol

Delivered RNLAF : November 30th 1982 Active duty : December 6th 1982 311sq VKL Last Flight : April 16th 2020 322Tactess, (38years duty RNLAF)

The last mission of the F-16AM J-624 was at Thursday April 16th as "BLADE1"
The final last flight was after the mission in the Delta's, for the last time overhead Leeuwarden Airbase (1105Lt)
enroute to Volkel airbase for the final landing (1133Lt).

Mission : Delta's 26-03-2020

F-009 F-35A 322Tactess PAIN11

F-010 F-35A 322Tactess PAIN12

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