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FAREWELL FLIGHT / TOUR KDC-10 : Thursday 07-10-2021

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FAREWELL FLIGHT / TOUR KDC-10 : Thursday 07-10-2021

1151Lt Take-off Rwy21 Eindhoven (EHEH) start of the farewell tour along various RNLAF facilities, flying northbound skip Volkel airbase due
to cloudbase --> 1205Lt Ede 1650ft/240kn --> 1208Lt 36 turn 1200ft overhead the Veluwe, Nieuw Milligen "Air Operations Control Station" (AOCSM) Garderen --> via Elburg, Emmeloord, Lemmer (1219Lt) 1223Lt Sneek passing eastside inbound LWD AB 1125ft -->

1226Lt NAF45- Overhead Leeuwarden Airbase Twr 120.705 - NAF45 Cleared to enter CTR Qnh1027, request POB ? NAF45- POB33 Twr- 33POB, we have birdstatus "ALERT" Rwy23 in use NAF45- overhead joining 23 500ft Twr- avoid Leeuwarden city, 500ft approved NAF45- 500ft Approved.... Twr- Report righthand downwind 23 --> Cleared Low approach 23 .......NAF45- Climbing 1500ft again and leaving Twr- Good flight NAF45- Bedankt! -->

1230Lt Following the highway A31, along Franeker enroute to Texel 1231Lt along Harlingen 1125ft/234kn see photos below

T-235 "Jan Scheffer" KDC-10 334sq NAF45

1233Lt wetfeed inbound Texel, "360" turn nr Vlieland overhead the Waddensea approaching Texel (1239Lt) crossing Den Burg/Oudeschild --> 1243Lt inbound Den Helder/De Kooy 450ft/210kt via Anna Paulowna, Heerhugowaard 1650ft/234kt, Purmerend, overhead Amsterdam City (1253Lt) Amstelveen, Aalsmeer enroute Bodegrave/Gouda 1305Lt overhead Rottedam Airport --> via Spijkenisse, Steenbergen, Bergen op zoom 1125ft inbound Woensdrecht Airbase 1314Lt overhead Woensdrecht Airbase righthand turn final low approach Rwy07 --> enroute to Breda 1322Lt 360 turn overhead HQ RNLAF --> inbound Gilze-Rijen Airbase 1327Lt overhead 425ft Rwy 10 --> back to Eindhoven Airbase Rwy03 final low approach --> inbound Volkel Airbase Rwy24 after the low approach inbound Eindhoven Airbase again for the fullstop en ding the Farewell Flight /Tour KDC-10.

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xxxx (K)DC-10 Omega air Reffueling xxxx

The former T-264 "Prins Bernhard is flying with Omega Air Refueling since November 4th 2019

N264DE KDC-10 Omega air Reffueling xxxx

At the Fence Leeuwarden Airbase : Tuesday 07-09-2021

SE-DXP/79/35810 SK35C Draken Swedic Historic Flight SEDXP

SE-RMD/23/32542 J-32D Lansen Swedic Historic Flight SERMD


Calibrating ILS Rwy23


D-ISGS AP-68TP-600 SVEGE Flight Inspection DISGS

Leeuwarden Airbase : Tuesday 22-06-2021

The F-16 said goodbye to Friesland and the Frisian population on Tuesday 22 June. Around noon, 3 F-16s flew the Elfstedentocht route. They did that twice. MCD aerial photographer Arnoud Schoor took pictures of the formation over the 11 cities from the backseat of the J-882 F-16BM

End of F-16 Operations With the arrival of the F-35 as a new fighter aircraft, the era of the F-16s at Leeuwarden Air Base ends. July 1 marks the ceremonial end of F-16 operations from the Frisian base. F-35s will still be stationed at Leeuwarden Air Base and the unmanned aircraft, the MQ-9, will follow later this year. F-16 pilots and ground personnel from Leeuwarden will move to Volkel Air Base from 1 July. From this Brabant base, the Air Force will continue to fly with the F-16 until 2024. Then F-35s will also take over the tasks there. From 1979 For 42 years, the F-16 protected Dutch airspace from its Frisian home base and was deployed worldwide for peace and security. The 1st Dutch F-16 landed on 7 June 1979 at Leeuwarden Air Base. Then a formation of Starfighters, NF-5s and an F-16 also flew over the Frisian cities. F-16 not out of the picture After July 1, Leeuwarden Air Base will still be used for exercises with F-16s.

J-628 F-16AM 322TT/323 FC POLLY1
J-201 F-16AM 322TT/TCA POLLY2
J-509 F-16AM 322TT/322FC POLLY3
J-882 F-16BM 312sq/FC POLLY4 (with Photographer MCD Arnoud Schoor)

Volkel Airbase : Sunday 30-05-2021

On Sunday May 30th 2021, During the annual memorial ceremony in the context of the Margaten Memorial Day
executed by the Volkel F-16's at the military cemetery of Margraten.

The lifeliner3 stationed at Volkel Air Base received a scramble at 1535Lt to 's Hertogenbosch. En-route to the location,
the scramble was canceled and the PH-UMC returned to Volkel to land around 1551Lt and prepare for another scramble.



Special opening Volkel Airbase : Sunday 30-05-2021

On Sunday May 30th 2021, the annual memorial ceremony in the context of the Margaten Memorial Day will be held
at the military cemetery of Margraten.

J-063 F-16AM 312sq/FC KING1
J-005 F-16AM 312sq/TD KING2
J-516 F-16AM 312sq/313FC KING3 (Missing man)
J-003 F-16AM 312sq/313FC KING4
J-646 F-16AM 312sq/TD KING5 (Spare)


Part of the ceremony consists of the execution of a missing man formation of 4 F-16 fighters from Volkel Air Base.
The missing man can be carried out in different variants. The most common is where four aircraft mostly (fighters) in the so called
"finger four" formation flying, the aircraft flying in a V-shape, the leader flies to the point and his wingman left behind him.

The second man of the flight is flying right behind the leader (KING1), and his wingman right back there again from the front view,
the left leg of the V so longer than the right. This formation flying low enough over to be clearly seen and the second man pulls up (KING3)
abruptly and climbs straight upwards, to FL 090 above the location of the monument in memory of the fallen from the formation.
The rest of the formation retains its rate until all the planes are out of sight.


KING2              KING3


The ceremony on the cemetary will be different this year due to the 1.5 meter regulations following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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