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15.09.11ES-YLR/0 L-39C -- Nr.5 Pilot: Fredric "FREDO" Schweibel
15.09.11ES-YLX/1 L-39C -- Nr.1 Pilot: Jaqcues "SPEEDY" Bothelin
15.09.11ES-YLS/2 L-39C -- Nr.2 Pilot: Bernard "CHARBO" Charbonnel
15.09.11ES-TLG/4 L-39C -- Nr.4 Pilot: Francois "PONPON" Ponsot
15.09.11ES-YLF/6 L-39C -- Nr.6 Pilot: Philipe "SHERIFF" Laloix
15.09.11ES-YLP/7 L-39C -- Nr.7 Pilot: Patrick "GASTON" Marchant
15.09.11ES-TLC/8 L-39C -- Nr.3 Pilot: Christopher "DOUKY" Deketelaere


Crash Aero L-39C ES-YLS/2 (s/n533638) Breitling Jet Team

In the countryside in Valkenswaard Saturday night the ES-YLS jet of the Breitling Jet Team crashed, due to an engine failure. After all the usual checks and restarting the engine, the two occupants from France decided using their ejection seat and parachute airplane harness and eject before the plane on the ground. The 27-year-old passenger Crewchief Rapheal "RAPH" Savoye was hospitalized with back injuries, the Pilot Bernard "CHARBO" Charbonnel (52) remained unharmed The mayor also reported on twitter that"there is no fire and no kerosene (600Ltr left) is discharged. Emergency services in control". The aircraft, an Aero L-39C "Albatros", has come down in the open field in the near the Berkshire Hills. The Breitling Jet Team was Saturday the star of the Heldairshow Maritiem which was organized by Den Helder Airport and Marine Air Station De Kooy, where at 17:08.53Lt the PH-4B4 crashed shortly after takeoff due to an engine faillure. The Breitling Jet Team is a French aerobatic formation, which is sponsored by the Swiss watch manufacturer Breitling

Statement Breitling Jet Team Dijon, France: 15-09-2012
The Breitling Jet Team thanks everyone for showing their support and concern, but would like to confirm that all their pilots and technicians are fine and well. During a ferry flight late this afternoon, one L-39c Albatros jet aircraft experienced technical difficulties. The pilot calmly reported the problem to the team, and following the standard safety protocols prepared his aircraft and his technician for the ejection procedures.
The pilotís experience and professionalism ensured that the aircraft would land in a field away from houses, people or livestock. After ejecting, both himself and his technician landed safely under their parachutes. Both were taken to hospital for precautionary checks, but both are fit and well and looking forward to getting back to their team.

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