Chios, Greece 08.07 till 29.07.2010"  

 "OMIROS" Chios National Airport (LGHI / JKE):
  Runway: 01 / 19 Length: 1500M / 4957ft
  Elevation: 5M / 15ft AMSL
  Position: 38 20'35N / 26 08'26E

  124.0000 = Approach
  122.7000 = Chios Tower
  121.5000 = Emergency

10-07-2010-->2575 AS332C1 "Super Puma" 384 Med. at Chios airport

DateSerialType UnitCallsignRemarks
08.07.10PH-XRBB737-700 TransaviaHV593Arr. "HV594" / Dep. "HV594"
08.07.102575AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR duty till 16.07
08.07.104123C27J 354 MTM-Arr. 1500LT / Dep.1525LT
08.07.10SX-HEUAS.355 Airlift-Arr.1850LT Fuelstop, carry Fire attack equipment
09.07.102575AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR Stand-by
09.07.10SX-ADKCe.560XLS K2--
10.07.102575AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR duty till 16.07
10.07.10SX-DIXBAe 146-300 Astra Airlines--
10.07.10EC-KULATR72-500 Aegean--

10-07-2010-->Army shooting range


DateSerialType UnitCallsignRemarks
11.07.102575AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR stand-by
11.07.10SX-DIXBAe 146-300 Astra Airlines--
12.07.102575AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR stand-by
12.07.10412.C27J 354 MTM--
12.07.10EC-KULATR72-500 Aegean--
12.07.10SX-BIZBAe 146-300 Astra Airlines--
12.07.10G-FLBEDHC8-Q402 Olympic Air--
12.07.10OO-...A320 Thomas Cook--
12.07.10PH-XRBB737-700 TransaviaHV...-
12.07.102xF-16C/D HAF-1245LT overhead Lithy beach North->South
13.07.102575AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR stand-by
13.07.10PH-XRYB737-700 TransaviaHV...-
13.07.10G-FLBEDHC8-Q402 Olympic Air--
13.07.10ISSISS ISS-2130LT overhead Chios West->East
15.07.102575AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR stand-by
15.07.10PH-XRYB737-700 TransaviaHV593Dep. "HV594"
15.07.10SX-HEUAS.355 Airlift-carry Fire attack equipment
15.07.10SX-BITDHC8-Q402 Olympic Air--
15.07.10CS-DXKCE.560XLS Netjet EU--
15.07.10SX-DVBAvro RJ100 Aegean-Dep. 2230LT Rwy01
15.07.10G-FLBEDHC8-Q402 Olympic Air--
16.07.102575AS.332C1 384 Med-Dep. 1700LT to Elefis homebase
16.07.102574AS.332C1 384 Med-Arr.2130LT SAR duty till 27.07
17.07.102574AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR stand-by
17.07.10SX-BIPDHC8-Q402 Olympic Air--
17.07.10SX-DIXBAe 146-300 Astra Airlines--
17.07.10LN-TUIB737-705 SAS--
17.07.10EC-KVIATR72-212A Aegean--
17.07.10SX-DVDAvro RJ100 Aegean--
17.07.10SX-OBCDHC8-Q402 Olympic Air--
18.07.102574AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR stand-by
18.07.10SX-...DHC8-Q402 Olympic Air--
18.07.10SX-DIXBAe 146-300 Astra Airlines--
19.07.102574AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR duty, flying rtb 2130LT
19.07.10412.C27J 354 MTM--
19.07.10SX-DIZBAe 146-300 Astra Airlines--
19.07.10PH-ORYB737-700 TransaviaHV221Dep. "HV222"
19.07.10G-FLBEDHC8-Q402 Olympic Air--
19.07.10OY-JTDB737-3YO Jettime--
19.07.104125C27J 354 MTM-Arr.2040 / Dep. 2110LT
19.07.10SX-OBADHC8-Q402 Olympic--
19.07.10SX-DVDAvro RJ100 Aegean--
20.07.102574AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR stand-by
20.07.10..-...ATR72-500 Aegean--
20.07.10PH-XRXB737-700 TransaviaHV854Dep. "HV855"
20.07.104123C27J 354 MTM-Arr.2000 / Dep. 2105LT
21.07.107..C-130 356 MTM-* 0925LT Camo c/s
21.07.102574AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR stand-by
21.07.10SX-DVDAvro RJ100 Aegean--
21.07.10G-ECOFDHC8-Q402 Olympic--
21.07.10SX-HEUAS.355 Airlift-* 2010LT carry Fire attack equipment
22.07.102574AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR stand-by
22.07.104125C27J 354 MTM--
22.07.10PH-XRXB737-700 Transavia--
22.07.10SX-OBEDHC8-Q402 Olympic--
22.07.10unknownhelicopter unkown- 2130LT Heli with "Bambibucket" bushfire Samos
22.07.10unknownhelicopter unkown- 2305-2320LT with "Bambibucket" bushfire Samos
23.07.102574AS.332C1 384 Med-Dep.1315LT/Arr.1625LT (assistance fire at Samos)
23.07.10SX-DIZBAe 146-300 Astra Airlines--
23.07.10SX-...BAe 146-300 Astra Airlines--
23.07.10SX-DIXBAe 146-300 Astra Airlines--
23.07.10SX-DVDAvro RJ100 Aegean--

23-07-2010-->2574 AS332C1 "Super Puma" 384 Med. at Chios airport


DateSerialType UnitCallsignRemarks
24.07.102574AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR stand-by
24.07.10SX-DIXBAe 146-300 Astra Airlines--
24.07.10SX-DVCAvro RJ100 Aegean--
24.07.10G-FLBEDHC8-Q402 Olympic Air--
25.07.102574AS.332C1 384 Med-SAR stand-by
25.07.10G-FLBEDHC8-Q402 Olympic Air--

26-07-2010-->4123 C27J "Spartan" 354 MTM at Chios airport


27-07-2010-->2509 AS332C1 "Super Puma" 384 Med. at Chios airport


Stay tuned, there will be more pictures of Chios AP ASAP!!

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