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Movements Cornfield-range EHR-4A 2007

*=Overshoot/low approuch, A/Arr=Arrival, (B)=Badge, D/Dep=Departure, E/L= emergency landing, H-Hands= holding hands, FS=Fullstop, P/L=Precaution landing, RON=Remain over night, TDY=Temporary duty, T/GO= touch and go,

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*** The badges on the tail do not always mean an F-16 is flying for the Squadron involved.***
Airbase=eh../Squadron=...sq/(B)=Badge on tail

20R-03 AB412SP 303sqGANNET03 --
202x F-16AM/BM 311sqBURST21,22 1000ft inb. after20min-->TRA's
192x F-16AM/BM 311sqSTING21,22 First TRA's "STING21" inb EHLW low fuel
192x F-16AM/BM 311sqSNAKE21,22 Joining STING->RTB 3ship "S21"->EHLW
182x SP F-16CJ/DJ 23rdFS JACK01,02 1230-1240LT 1200ft for high angle strafe
182x SP F-16CJ/DJ 23rdFSDANGER01,02 -
181x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER11 --
181x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER12 --
18R-03 AB412SP 303sq GANNET03 --
17J-017 F-16AM ehvk/312sq BURST21 After range-->EHEH->app.Kl.brogel->EHVK
172x SP F-16CJ/DJ 23rdFSAUSTIN01,02 -
17..-..../SP F-16CJ/DJ 23rdFSFENWAY02 -
1791-0414/SP F-16CJ 23rdFSFENWAY01 -
172x F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq SHARK21,22 -
14J-868 F-16AM 323sq(B) BEAST1,2 -
14J-... F-16AM/BM ehlw/322/3sq BEAST1,2 -
144x F-16AM/BM ehvk/313sq METAL1-4 -
13J-516 F-16AM ehlw/(NB) BEAST1,2 -
13J-648 F-16AM ehlw/322sq BEAST1,2 -
124x F-16AM/BM 322/323sq ... -
12J-... F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq DIANA21 -
124x F-16AM/BM ehvk/311sq STING21-24 After texaco "NAF41"-->inb the range
112x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER21,22 -
10S-447 AS532U2 300sqWolfhound10 Fuelstop DeKooy
104x F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq KILLER1-4 1830-1845LT
10J-... F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq BURST21 1730LT
104x F-16AM/BM ehvk/311sq STING21-24 STING23,24 only BDU33
10U-06 Fokker50 334sqNAF01 Flyby after that inb EHLW
06J-... F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq BURST21 -
062x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER11 -
063x F-16AM/BM ehlw/322sq BLADE1-3 All carry live MK82's
054x F-16CJ/DJ 23rdFSTRON1-4 Canceld due to bad weather-->work tma-A
0581-0985/SP (O)A-10A 81stFS CORONA1/2 Canceld due to bad weather-->work tma-A
0581-0991/SP (O)A-10A 81stFSCORONA1/2 Canceld due to bad weather-->work tma-A
04J-... F-16AM/BM ehvk/313sq ANVIL22 -
04J-... F-16AM/BM ehvk/313sq ANVIL21 -
0478-0701/SP (O)A-10A 81stFSHAIRY02 1300-1330LT
0481-0991/SP (O)A-10A 81stFSHAIRY01 1300-1330LT
041x Tornado GR4 No.31sqRFR7031 work at the strike target
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
December 2007
29J-... F-16AM/BM ehvk/313sq TIGER811900-1930LT
29J-... F-16AM/BM ehvk/313sq TIGER821900-1930LT
27J-.. F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq SNAKE221855LT
27J-.. F-16AM/BM ehvk/312sq SNAKE211855LT
27F.-.. F-16AM/BM 349smBAF431 -
27F.-.. F-16AM/BM 349smBAF421 -
27F.-.. F-16AM/BM 349smBAF411 -
26J-512 F-16AM ehvk/313sq TIGER814xBDU33
26J-057 F-16AM ehvk/(NB) TIGER824xBDU33
26J-... F-16AM/BM ehvk/313sq METAL22After the range-->TMA-A BandBox
22.. F-16AM/BM 10WBAF241 -
22J-... F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq KILLER22Simulated birdhit inb EHLW
22J-... F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq KILLER21-
22J-197 F-16AM ehvk/311sq FIST1-
142x Tornado IDS JBG33BU-13A,B 1053LT VL1dep. FL210
12D-661 CH-47D 298sqOMEGA1 -
08J-512 F-16AM ehvk/313sq BURST21Live MK-82/ H-hands BURST22 EHLW
08J-009 F-16AM ehvk/313sq BURST22Live MK-82/PL EHLW Hang-up bomb
082x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER21,22 -
08.x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER19 -
073x F-16AM/BM ehlw/323sq COBRA1-3Live MK-82
07S-447 AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT10 -
06S-447 AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT13 -
064x F-16AM/BM 323sqCOBRA1-4 -
05.x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER11 -
01R-03 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET03Exercise at the Range
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
November 2007
31J-869 F-16AM 322sq4 -
31J-876 F-16AM 322sq3 -
31J-366 F-16AM 322sq2 -
31J-875 F-16AM 323sq1 -
31J-009 F-16AM/BM 312sqBURST Precaution landing at LWD
30J-058 F-16AM/BM 312sqBURST Dep. low level 1200ft inb EHVK
29.x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER11 -
261x F-16AM/BM 31smBAF431 -
26.x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER17 -
26J-004 F-16AM 313sqMETAL1-4 1000LT
26J-058 F-16AM 313sqMETAL1-4 1000LT
26J-... F-16AM/BM 313sqMETAL1-4 1000LT
26J-... F-16AM/BM 313sqMETAL1-4 1000LT
252x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER29 1522LT/FL270 inb Belgium
251x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER19 1519LT/VL1 departure
252x F-16AM/BM 311sqSTING21,22 1330LT
25.x F-16AM/BM 349smMACE71 1155LT-1220LT
252x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER11,13 1030LT-1100LT
252x F-16AM/BM 313sqANVIL21,22 1015LT
25J-004 F-16AM 311sqSHARK21 1000LT/H-Hands SHARK22 inb EHLW
25J-653 F-16BM 312sqSHARK22 1000LT/E/L to EHLW Hang-up BDU
244x F-16AM/BM 313sqMETAL21-24 1010LT Bird status 6/200ft
232x F-16AM/BM 323sqBEAST1 2111LT
232x F-16AM/BM 323sqBALLS31 2029LT
23.x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER29 --
23FA-135 F-16AM 350smMATRIX52 1105LT
23FA-133/FS F-16AM 350smMATRIX51 1105LT
232x F-16AM/BM 313sqMETAL1&2 1025LT-1055LT
22R-01 AB412SP 303sq/SAR GANNET01Standby Heliport east point
212x F-16AM/BM 323sqBEAST1&2 2105LT
212x F-16AM/BM 323sqBALLS21&22 1800LT GBU12 bombs
182x F-16AM/BM 31smBAF231A/B Cancelled due to the low cloud base
18J-362 F-16AM 323sq..... --
17..x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER19 --
15.x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER11 --
15.x F-16AM/BM 31smBAF431 --
12.x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER32 --
12.x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER31 --
12.x Tornado JBG31NO-01 --
102x Mirage2000B/C EC02.012RUPIN LIMA Inb 1438LT/1500LT FL200-->inb SSB
092x F-15E 494rdFSDUDE61/62 --
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
October 2007
27J-066 F-16BM KTV.... -
17D-664 CH-47D 298sqGRIZLY4 -
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
September 2007
29.x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER19 1025LT
29.x F-16C/D 23rdFSDAGGER01 1307LT
282x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER19 1200LT
28.x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER11 Inbound 1100LT
283x F-16AM/BM 350smMATRIX51 Inbound 0924LT/0953LT teardrop dep.
272x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER19 Inbound 1426LT
274x F-16C/D 22rdFSSHACK01/04 Inbound 1222LT
272x F-16AM/BM 31smTIGER11 --
27.x F-16AM/BM 10WMACE75 --
212x MirageF1CR ER02.033FAF7830A/B --
1081-0988SP A-10 81stFSFURY01 --
1081-0863SP A-10 81stFSFURY02 --
1081-0984/SP A-10 81stFSFURY03 --
1082-0650/SP A-10 81stFSFURY04 --
012x Mirage FAFFAF7644A,B -
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
August 2007
23J-511 F-16AM ehvk/313sq METAL21 escorting "METAL22" P/L Lwd
23J-864 F-16AM ehvk/313sq/td METAL22 Hung up bomb MK76 P/L Lwd
23J-066 F-16BM 323sq/KTV .... Ricochet canopy direct RTB
052x F-16AM/BM ehvk/311sq SNAKE21,22 --
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
July 2007
19Q-.. AH64D 301sq.... Testing (DIRCM)
18Q-.. AH64D 301sq.... Testing infrared missile protection
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
June 2007
10..-207/SP A-10 81stFSFURY01 --
10..-701/SP A-10 81stFSFURY02 --
10..-963/SP A-10 81stFSFURY03 --
10..-656/SP A-10 81stFSFURY04 --
03J-882 F-16BM 323sq.... -
03J-868 F-16AM 323sq.... -
02J-648 F-16AM 315sq/fc - -
02J-204 F-16AM 323sq/td - -
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
May 2007
24FA-132 F-16AM 10WBAF491B/492 Evening run after AAR "QUID66" 83-8033
24FA-116 F-16AM 10WBAF491A Evening run after AAR "QUID66" 83-8033
24FB-24 F-16BM 10WBAF481B/482 Evening run after AAR "QUID66" 83-8033
24FA-128 F-16AM 10WBAF481A Evening run after AAR "QUID66" 83-8033
24FB-10 F-16BM 10WBAF471B/472 Evening run after AAR "QUID66" 83-8033
24FA-95 F-16AM 10WBAF471A Evening run after AAR
10PH-FLH PA-19 Piper FlyingFocusPHFLH Crossing range area
10FA-135 F-16AM 2W.... -
10FA-125 F-16AM 2W.... -
10FB-09 F-16BM 2W.... -
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
April 2007
162x F-16AM/BM 2WMATRIX51,52 Medium level deliveries
122x (O)A-10A 81st FSSTEEL01,02 --
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
March 2007
16J-871 F-16AM 322sq/nb.... 2x MK.106
16J-362 F-16AM 323sq/td.... 2x MK.106 and 2x MK.76
132x F-16AM/BM 322sqPOLLY1,2 Evening run
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
February 2007
16D-663 CH-47D 298sqOMEGA5 -
15S-459 AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT23 -
10S-459 AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT23 -
09S-459 AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT23 -
08S-459 AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT23 -
and others who wants to stay anonymous.
January 2007

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