Movements Cornfield-range EHR-4A

*=Overshoot/low approuch, A/Arr=Arrival, (B)=Badge, D/Dep=Departure, E/L= emergency landing, H-Hands= holding hands, FS=Fullstop, P/L=Precaution landing, RON=Remain over night, TDY=Temporary duty, T/GO= touch and go,

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December 2006
06.12.06D-663CH-47D 298sqDRAGON07-
05.12.06D-663CH-47D 298sqDRAGON07-
December 2006-- -Credits:P.R.Kroese
November 2006
29.11.062xF-16AM/BM 311sqSTING1,2-
29.11.062xF-16AM/BM 312sqBURST1,2-
November 2006-- -Credits:P.R.Kroese
September 2006
20.09.06J-...F-16AM 313sqMETAL4Direct RTB due to over -G
20.09.06J-068F-16BM 313/311sq/tdMETAL1-3-
20.09.06J-018F-16AM 313sqMETAL1-3-
20.09.06J-870F-16AM 313/313sq/tdMETAL1-3-
20.09.06R-03AB-412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03SAR Demo by the Tower
20.09.0645*93 +1Tornado IDS 3.e JaBoG....-
September 2006-- -Credits:P.R.Kroese
August 2006
23.08.06669F-16AM RNoAF....-
23.08.06J-510F-16AM 323sq/td....-
23.08.06FA-124F-16AM 10W....-
23.08.06FA-37F-16AM 10W....-
23.08.0645+09Tornado IDS 33e JaBoG....-
23.08.0645+94Tornado IDS 33e JaBoG....-
August 2006-- -Credits:P.R.Kroese
July 2006
19.07.06J-004F-16AM 311sqSTING21,22High / Low Rescap inb.Cornfield
19.07.06J-060F-16AM 311sqSTING21,22High / Low Rescap inb.Cornfield
19.07.06R-01AB-412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Rescues Pilot out of the sea-->inb.Lwd
19.07.06J-363F-16AM 312/311sq/fcBURST22Cr. nr the range (N'53.10.930/E'005.04.550)
Pilot: 1Lt. M.van Zuijdam ES
19.07.06J-646F-16AM 312sqBURST21Wingman "BURST22" Rescap visual 'good chute'
July 2006-- -Credits:P.R.Kroese
June 2006
08.06.06D-662CH-47D 298sqCOCKTAIL form-
08.06.06S-419AS532U2 300sqCOCKTAIL form-
07.06.06D-662CH-47D 298sqCOCKTAIL form-
07.06.06S-456AS532U2 300sqCOCKTAIL form-
June 2006-- -Credits:P.R.Kroese
May 2006
08.05.06..-..../SPF-16CJ/DJ 22ndFS/52ndFWPAIN01-
02.05.06J-061F-16AM 312sq/td--
01.05.06S-459AS532U2 300sqWILDCAT34-
May 2006-- -Credits:P.R.Kroese
March 2006
15.03.06Q-29AH-64D 301sq....-
March 2006-- -Credits:P.R.Kroese
January 2006
23.01.06D-665CH-47D 298sqCORONA4-
January 2006-- -Credits:P.R.Kroese
09.09.05RS04Seaking 40smRESCUE94SAR (Pilot: F "RAOUL" Masseux R.I.P)
09.09.052..SH-14D Lynx MarheliCOASTGUARD04SAR (Pilot: F "RAOUL" Masseux R.I.P)
09.09.05R-02AB-412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02SAR (Pilot: F "RAOUL" Masseux R.I.P)
09.09.05R-01AB-412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Assistance crash(Pilot: F "RAOUL" Masseux R.I.P)
09.09.05F.-..F-16AM/BM 1smSTING14-
09.09.05FA-112F-16AM 1smSTING13cr nr Cornfield Pilot: F "RAOUL" Masseux R.I.P
09.09.05F.-..F-16AM/BM 1smSTING12-
09.09.05F.-..F-16AM/BM 1smSTING11-
17.08.0591-0481/SPF-16DJ 23rd FSHIVE02Fuel problem E/L to Leeuwarden
17.08.0591-0410/SPF-16CJ 23rd FSHIVE01Escorting "HIVE02" to Leeuwarden
25.03.05J-653F-16BM 306sqSPIDER2Hung-up bomd P/L Lwd
2005-- -Credits:P.R.Kroese
09.09.03R-02AB-412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02-
September 2003-- -Credits:Piet Glas
2003-- -Credits:P.R.Kroese
24.09.022..SH-14D Marheli....Exercise "Get Wet"
24.09.02R-03AB-412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03Exercise "Get Wet"
24.09.02R-02AB-412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02Exercise "Get Wet"
09.07.02J-514F-16AM 313sqANVIL1Hung-up bomd P/L Lwd
09.07.02J-...F-16AM 313sqANVIL2Escorting "ANVIL1" to Lwd
27.05.02J-138F-16AM 315sqLION1Hung-up bomd P/L Lwd/Dep.as "GRIZZLY"
27.05.02J-...F-16AM 315sqLION2Escorting "LION1" to Lwd
23.05.02J-138F-16AM 315sq....Special 50 years 315sq Tail
21.05.02J-864F-16AM 315sqSCORPION1Hung-up bomb P/L Lwd/dep as "GRIZZLY3"
21.05.02J-...F-16AM 315sqSCORPION2Escorting "SCORPION1" to Lwd
July 2002-Credits: P.R.Kroese, Piet Glas
06.07.0285-0066/ELB-1B 37th BS.... Fly-by Gilze opendays RNLAF/Bomb delivery range
25.04.02J-016F-16AM 312sqORANGEDemo training "TOMBA"
25.04.02J-510F-16AM 312sqORANGEDemo training "TOMBA"
July 2002-Credits: P.R.Kroese
08.11.01R-0.AB-412SP 303sq/SAR....Rescues 1 Pilot out the sea, 2nd pilot landed on beach
08.11.0144*51Tornado IDS MFG-2M....Cr after birdstrike on the beach Crew: ES
November 2001-Credits: P.R.Kroese
25.06.01D-666CH-47D 298sq....Dropping Flares, E/L nr Amersfoort
June 2001-Credits: P.R.Kroese
26.04.01J-016F-16AM 312sqORANGEDemo training
25.04.01J-016F-16AM 312sqORANGEDemo training
April 2001-Credits: P.R.Kroese
13.03.01S-459AS532U2 300sqWOLFHOUND05
13.03.01R-03AB-412SP 303sq/SARGANNET03-
13.03.01R-02AB-412SP 303sq/SARGANNET02-
March 2001-Credits: Piet Glas
22.02.014.*..Tornado IDS 32e JaBoG..Hit the Tower with 7 27mm mauser bullets
Februari 2001-Credits: P.R.Kroese
20.05.1996J-019F-16A 311sqSKIDO2Various runs, E/L LWD possible hung up BDU33
20.05.1996J-xxxF-16A 311sqSKIDO1Various runs,
06.03.196J-657F-16B 323sq....-
06.03.1996J-655F-16B 323sq....-
1996-Credits: J.Jonkers--
15.09.95J-212F-16A 312sq....-
11.06.9588-0329/WMB-2A 393th FS...Dry run->Le Bourget 1.5h->Dry run->rtb Whiteman
21.03.95164261/AC-404F/A-18C VFA-37KILLER3Fwit'95 "BULLS"
21.03.95164238/AC-305F/A-18C VFA-37KILLER2Fwit'95 "BULLS"
21.03.95164251/AC-301F/A-18C VFA-105KILLER1Fwit'95 "GUNSLINGER
21.03.95160896/AC-205F-14A VF-32ACE-twoFwit'95 "SWORDSMEN"
21.03.95160406/AC-204F-14A VF-32ACE-oneFwit'95 "SWORDSMEN"
16.03.95A-292SE3160 GPHBOBCAT292-
16.03.95A-489SE3160 GPHBOBCAT489-
16.03.95A-542SE3160 GPHBOBCAT542-
16.03.95A-343Alouette III 298sq....White UN c/s
16.03.953xTornado IDS JaBoG-38....-
16.03.951642../AC-...F/A-18C VFA-105/37....Fwit'95
16.03.951642../AC-...F/A-18C VFA-105/37....Fwit'95
16.03.955xTornado GR1 RAF....-
16.03.952xHarrier GR7 RAF....-
16.03.953xTornado IDS JaBoG-38....-
16.03.95-- --exercise Stingerteam* GGW De Peel
15.03.953xF-16A/B 3..sq....-
15.03.95J-882F-16B 323sq....-
15.03.95J-873F-16A 323sq/nb....-
15.03.95J-872F-16A 323sq....-
15.03.95A-343Alouette III 298sq....White c/s
15.03.952xF-15 USAFe....-
15.03.953xTornado GR1 RAF....-
14.03.94-- --exercise Stingerteam* GGW De Peel
14.03.95B-70Bo-105CB 299sqB37 form.Exercise with Air Mobiel Brigade
14.03.95B-68Bo-105CB 299sqB37 form.Exercise with Air Mobiel Brigade
14.03.95B-47Bo-105CB 299sqB37 form.Exercise with Air Mobiel Brigade
14.03.95B-43Bo-105CB 299sqB37 form.Exercise with Air Mobiel Brigade
14.03.95B-40Bo-105CB 299sqB37 form.Exercise with Air Mobiel Brigade, white UN c/s
14.03.95B-39Bo-105CB 299sqB37 form.Exercise with Air Mobiel Brigade, white UN c/s
14.03.95B-37Bo-105CB 299sqB37 form.Exercise with Air Mobiel Brigade, white UN c/s
14.03.95A-343Alouette III 298sqDORIS343White UN c/s
14.03.95-- --exercise Stingerteam* GGW De Peel
13.03.954xF-16A RNLAF....-
13.03.95A-218Alouette III 298sqDORIS218-
13.03.951642../AC-...F/A-18C VFA-105/37....Fwit'95
13.03.951642../AC-...F/A-18C VFA-105/37....Fwit'95
13.03.951642../AC-...F/A-18C VFA-105/37....Fwit'95
13.03.95160896/AC-205F-14A VF-32ACE-twoFwit'95
13.03.95160406/AC-204F-14A VF-32ACE-oneFwit'95
13.03.952xTornado IDS GAF....-
13.03.95-- --exercise Stingerteam* GGW De Peel
01.03.95..-..../..B-1B USAFMERCURY43Bomb run 2 good releas
01.03.95..-..../..B-1B USAFMERCURY42Bomb run 2 good releas
19.01.95689F-16B 338SkvVIPERWhite1Fwit'95 VFR Dyke inb
19.01.95681F-16A 331SkvVIPERWhite2Fwit'95 VFR Dyke inb
23.02.95J-205F-16A 322sqVIPERRed1Fwit'95 Pilot: Manja "TOOTS" Blok
23.02.95J-209F-16A 322sqVIPERRed2Fwit'95
15.02.95J-250F-16A 322sqVIPERBlue1Fwit'95
15.02.95J-223F-16A NBVIPERBlue2Fwit'95
15.02.95FA-..F-16A BAFVIPERBlue3Escorting "VIPERBlue4"
15.02.95675F-16A 338SkvVIPERBlue4E/L Hung up bomb
Februari 1995-Credits: P.R.Kroese
19.01.95J-211F-16B 322sqVIPERWhite4Bom loft, ATB, Strafe
19.01.95...F-16A 33.SkvVIPERWhite3Bom loft, ATB, Strafe
19.01.95J-657F-16B 323sqVIPERWhite2Bom loft, ATB, Strafe
19.01.95FA-..F-16A BAFVIPERWhite1Bom loft, ATB, Strafe
17.01.95J-068F-16B 311sq/nbSKIDO1Hung-up Bomb E/L Leeuwarden
12.01.95R-01AB-412SP 303sq/SARGANNET01Standby heliport eastpoint
1995-Credits: P.R.KroeseJ.Jonkers*-
25.07.94J-009 +3F-16 623sqCOUGAR-
July 1994-Credits: P.R.Kroese
28.06.942xTornado IDS .. JaBoG....A,B-
28.06.943x/CCF-111F 524th FSHOUND1,2,4Cannon AFB USA TDY Lakenheath, UK
28.06.9472-1443/CCF-111F 524th FSHOUND3Cannon AFB USA TDY Lakenheath, UK
22.06.943x/CCF-111F 524th FSHOUND2,3,4Cannon AFB USA TDY Lakenheath, UK
22.06.9470-2365/CCF-111F 524th FSHOUND1Cannon AFB USA TDY Lakenheath, UK
21.06.943x/CCF-111F 524th FSHOUND2,3,4Cannon AFB USA TDY Lakenheath, UK
21.06.9474-0181/CCF-111F 524th FSHOUND1Cannon AFB USA TDY Lakenheath, UK
21.06.942xTornado IDS 38e JaBoGM3803A,B-
09.06.943x/CCF-111F 524th FSHOUND1,3,4Cannon AFB USA TDY Lakenheath, UK
09.06.9470-2373/CCF-111F 524th FSHOUND2Cannon AFB USA TDY Lakenheath, UK
June 1994
06.04.94163175/DW-12F/A-18A VMFA-251THUNDERBOLT05Various attacks
06.04.94163174/DW-11F/A-18A VMFA-251THUNDERBOLT04Various attacks
06.04.94163114/DW-02F/A-18A VMFA-251THUNDERBOLT03Various attacks
06.04.94163151/DW-05F/A-18A VMFA-251THUNDERBOLT02Various attacks
06.04.94163166/DW-08F/A-18A VMFA-251THUNDERBOLT01Various attacks
April 1994-Credits: P.R.Kroese
31.03.94163145/DW-04F/A-18A VMFA-251THUNDERBOLT05Various attacks
31.03.94163174/DW-11F/A-18A VMFA-251THUNDERBOLT04Various attacks
25.03.94163145/DW-04F/A-18A VMFA-251THUNDERBOLT08Various attacks
25.03.94163118/DW-03F/A-18A VMFA-251THUNDERBOLT07Various attacks
March 1994-Credits: P.R.Kroese
1994-Credits: P.R.Kroese--
.....932xB-1B 28th BS....Global power mission
1993-Credits: P.R.Kroese--
15.09.92...F-16A RNoAF....4-
15.09.92J-...F-16A RNLAF....3-
15.09.92F.-...F-16A BAF....2-
15.09.92E-...F-16A RDAF....1Excident hit Tower with 19crv-7 2.75inh rockets
10.01.92J-007F-16A 313sqViperRed01Cr into Northsea Pilot: Van Suydam R.I.P
18.11.9145*63Tornado IDS(T) JBG-38JE..Cr during Bombrun Crew: Hennen & Sander R.I.P
07.05.91C-7F27-300M 334sq....-
07.05.9143*32Tornado IDS JBG-38JE..-
07.05.914.*..Tornado IDS JBG-38JE..-
07.05.9141*64Alphajet A JBG-43....-
07.05.9140*43Alphajet A JBG-43....-
07.05.9140*44Alphajet A JBG-43....-
1991-Credits: P.R.KroeseJ.Jonkers-
26.09.8937+25F-4F JBG36M1272BE/L inb. Leeuwarden
26.09.893.+..F-4F JBG36M1272AEscorting "M1272B" inb. Leeuwarden
September 1989-Credits: P.R.Kroese
31.01.89188762CF-188A 1 CADYOGI E3-
31.01.89188763CF-188A 1 CADYOGI E2-
31.01.89188758CF-188A 409sqYOGI E1-
31.01.8945+85Tornado 34eJaBoGILEX002-
31.01.8943+88Tornado MFG1M4513CTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
31.01.8943+85Tornado MFG1M4515BTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
31.01.8943+84Tornado MFG1M4550CTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
31.01.8943+79Tornado MFG1M4513A/M4555BTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
31.01.8943+78Tornado MFG1M4555CTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
31.01.8943+75Tornado MFG1M4515C/M4550DTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
31.01.8943+65Tornado MFG1M4513B/M4555ATactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
31.01.8943+60Tornado MFG1M4515ATactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
31.01.8943+55Tornado MFG1M4550BTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
31.01.89J-268F-16B 323sqAJ30B-
31.01.89J-259F-16B 323sqAJ30A-
30.01.898.-.../ARA-10A 510TFSMACHO2-
30.01.8981-939/ARA-10A 510TFSMACHO1-
30.01.8943+75Tornado MFG1M4510CTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
30.01.8943+85Tornado MFG1M4510ATactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
30.01.8943+46Tornado MFG1M4512DTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
30.01.8943+73Tornado MFG1M4512CTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
30.01.8943+27Tornado MFG1M4512BTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
30.01.8943+88Tornado MFG1M4512ATactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
30.01.89J-268F-16B 323sqAJ12B-
30.01.89J-654F-16B 311sqAJ12A-
30.01.89J-259F-16B 323sqAJ30-
30.01.89J-223F-16B 322sqAJ21B-
30.01.89J-243F-16B 322sqAJ21A-
27.01.89J-653F-16B TGKLURACK09-
26.01.89J-653F-16B TGKLURACK07/08-
26.01.89J-193F-16A 311sqM1357B-
26.01.89J-258F-16A 311sqM1357A-
26.01.89H-67AlouetteIII SAR flightSPANIEL67-
26.01.89B-69Bo-105CB 299sq....-
25.01.89J-653F-16B TGKLURACK06-
23.01.89J-869F-16A 312sqM1974B-
23.01.89J-653F-16B TGKLURACK05-
23.01.89J-193F-16A 311sqM1351C-
23.01.89J-198F-16A 311sqM1351B-
23.01.89J-616F-16A 311sqM1351A-
19.01.8943+82Tornado MFG1M4550DTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
19.01.8943+60Tornado MFG1M4550ATactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
19.01.89J-268F-16B 323sqAJ47-
18.01.8943+75Tornado MFG1M4550CTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
18.01.8943+54Tornado MFG1M4555Tactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
18.01.8943+27Tornado MFG1M4550BTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
18.01.8943+58Tornado MFG1M4550ATactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL), E/L Lwd
18.01.89FA-84F-16A 31sm/10WM1804B-
18.01.89FA-80F-16A 31sm/10WM1804A-
18.01.89J-xxxF-16. 312sqM1979B-
18.01.89J-869F-16A 312sqM1979A-
18.01.89J-653F-16B TGKLURACK02-
18.01.89J-xxxF-16. 323sqAM36B-
18.01.89J-265F-16B 323sqAM36A-
18.01.89J-360F-16A 313sqAM20B-
18.01.89J-208F-16B 315sqAM20A-
18.01.89J-144F-16A 313sqAM44-
17.01.8943+34Tornado 38eJaBoGILEX302B-
17.01.8944+..Tornado 38eJaBoGILEX302B-
17.01.89J-653F-16B TGKLURACK01-
17.01.89J-367F-16A 313sqAM67A-
17.01.89J-xxxF-16A 315sqM1972D-
17.01.89J-xxxF-16A 315sqM1972C-
17.01.89J-363F-16A 315sqM1972B-
17.01.89J-xxxF-16A 315sqM1972A-
17.01.89J-360F-16A 315sqAM67C-
17.01.89J-142F-16A 315sqAM67B-
16.01.8943+88Tornado MFG1M4550BTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
16.01.8943+84Tornado MFG1M4550CTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
16.01.8943+81Tornado MFG1M4555CTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
16.01.8943+77Tornado MFG1M4555BTactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
16.01.8943+67Tornado MFG1M4555ATactical evaluation (TAC-EVAL)
16.01.8941+64AlphaJet 34eJaBoGVIKING V19C-
16.01.8941+13AlphaJet 34eJaBoGVIKING V19B-
16.01.8941+27AlphaJet 34eJaBoGVIKING V19A-
16.01.89K-3073NF-5A 314sqM1454B-
16.01.89K-30..NF-5A 314sqM1454A-
16.01.89J-144F-16A 313sqAM20B-
16.01.89J-208F-16B 315sqAM20A-
16.01.89J-137F-16A 315sqAM23B-
16.01.89J-139F-16A 315sqAM23A-
11.01.8945+20Tornado 33eJaBoGLATIN15B-
11.01.8943+54Tornado MFG1M4555D-
11.01.8943+84Tornado MFG1M4555C-
11.01.8943+73Tornado MFG1M4555B-
11.01.8943+64Tornado MFG1M4555A-
11.01.89FA-64F-16A 31sm/10WM1803B-
11.01.89F.-...F-16. 31sm/10WM1803A-
11.01.89BA-26Mirage 5BA 1smM1261DLive weapons
11.01.89BA-43Mirage 5BA 1smM1261CLive weapons
11.01.89BA-..Mirage 5BA 1smM1261BLive weapons
11.01.89BA-..Mirage 5BA 1smM1261ALive weapons
11.01.89BR-15Mirage 5BR 42smM1264Live weapons (napalm)
11.01.89J-868F-16A 312sqM1971C-
11.01.89J-867F-16A 312sqM1971B-
11.01.89J-363F-16A 315sqM1971A-
10.01.89ZA552/XTornado GR1 No.2sqM1684-
10.01.8944+92Tornado 33eJaBoGILEX80-
10.01.89FB-20F-16B 31sm/10WM1805/M1803D-
10.01.89F.-...F-16. 31sm/10WM1803A-
10.01.89FA-88F-16A 31sm/10WM1803B-
10.01.89FA-71F-16A 23sm/2WM1172-
10.01.89FA-64F-16A 31sm/10WM1803C-
10.01.89BA-26Mirage 5BA 1smM1265B-
10.01.89BA-..Mirage 5BA 1smM1265A-
10.01.89K-3073NF-5A 314sqM1453C-
10.01.89K-3...NF-5A 314sqM1453B-
10.01.89K-3...NF-5A 314sqM1453A-
10.01.89K-4013NF-5B 316sqCanteen Yellow B-
10.01.89K-3072NF-5A 316sqCanteen Yellow A-
10.01.89K-3055NF-5A 314sqM1352D-
10.01.89J-885F-16B 311sqM1352C-
10.01.89J-619F-16A 311sqM1352B-
10.01.89J-193F-16A 311sqM1352A-
10.01.89J-058F-16A 315sqAM36B-
10.01.89J-136F-16A 315sqAM36A-
09.01.89B-43Bo-105CB 299sqESTHER43-
January 1989-Credits: Piet Glas (Elvin), P.R.Kroese
18-09-8759-2568/-B-52G 416th BWMUECE41-
1987-Credits: P.R.Kroese-
21.11.84D-5804TF-104G RnlafMission2031Farewell flight F-104 RNLAF
21.11.84D-5810TF-104G RnlafMission2031Farewell flight F-104 RNLAF
21.11.84D-8063F-104G RnlafMission2031Farewell flight F-104 RNLAF
21.11.84D-8258F-104G RnlafMission2031Farewell flight F-104 RNLAF
21.11.84D-5803TF-104G RnlafMission2031Farewell flight F-104 RNLAF
November 1984-Credits: P.R.Kroese
20.07.84J-229F-16A Rnlaf----
20.07.84J-65.F-16B Rnlaf----
20.07.84J-655F-16B Rnlaf----
July 1984-Credits: P.R.Kroese
27.04.84A-...SE3160 Rnlaf----
27.04.84H-81SE3160 SAR----
27.04.84H-75SE3160 SAR----
27.04.84H-67SE3160 SAR----
27.04.84H-20SE3160 SAR--Special "SAR 25 jaar"
24.04.84H-81SE3160 SAR----
17.04.84H-75SE3160 SAR----
15.04.84H-20SE3160 SAR----
13.04.8480-0219/WR(O)A-10A 509TFS/81TFWSLIK1,2Escorting "0218" inb LWD
13.04.8480-0218/WR(O)A-10A 509TFS/81TFWSLIK1,2Hung up Bomb P/L inb LWD
13.04.8481-0953/WR(O)A-10A 509TFS/81TFWAMBER1,2Escorting "0953" inb LWD
13.04.8480-0227/WR(O)A-10A 509TFS/81TFWAMBER1,2Hung up Bomb P/L inb LWD
April 1984-Credits: P.R.Kroese
20.03.84B-64B0-105C Rnlaf----
20.03.84A-495SE3160 Rnlaf----
March 1984-Credits: P.R.Kroese
20.02.84H-67SE3160 SAR--stand-by
16.02.84H-75SE3160 SAR--stand-by
15.02.84H-67SE3160 SAR--stand-by
15.02.84H-75SE3160 SAR--stand-by
14.02.84H-75SE3160 SAR--stand-by
08.02.84H-67SE3160 SAR--stand-by
08.02.84H-75SE3160 SAR--stand-by
Februari 1984-Credits: P.R.Kroese
13.01.8471*64UH-1D Luftwaffe----
11.01.84H-67SE3160 SAR--stand-by
10.01.84H-67SE3160 SAR--stand-by
05.01.8443*39Tornado IDS JBG-38-Cr during bombrun Crew: Stawney & Hanebuth R.I.P
Januari 1984-Credits: P.R.Kroese
23.12.83H-67SE3160 SAR--stand-by
15.12.83PH-RPUB0-105C KLPDPHRPU--
12.12.83H-81SE3160 SAR--stand-by
12.12.83H-67SE3160 SAR--stand-by
December 1983-Credits: P.R.Kroese
20.07.83..-..../PTCorsair A-7D 146TFS/112TFGSTEEL71B--
20.07.83..-..../PTCorsair A-7D 146TFS/112TFGSTEEL71A--
20.07.83XX977/DLJaguar GR1 RafEZ458--
20.07.83FA-58F-16A BafBAF1522B--
20.07.83FA-62F-16A BafBAF1522A--
20.07.83..-..../LNF-111F UsafeJAZZ57B--
20.07.83..-..../LNF-111F UsafeJAZZ57A--
20.07.83...../..Jaguar GR1 Raf----
20.07.83XX977/DLJaguar GR1 RafEZ458--
20.07.83..-..../UHF-111F UsafeLAY--
20.07.8381-0666/HRF-16A Usafe----
20.07.8381-0680/HRF-16A Usafe----
20.07.8381-0672/HRF-16A Usafe----
20.07.8380-0590/HRF-16A Usafe----
20.07.83D-8259F-104G EHVK----
20.07.83D-8084F-104G EHVK----
20.07.83D-8257F-104G EHVK----
20.07.83D-8061F-104G EHVK----
20.07.8372-0200/PTCorsair A-7D 188TFS----
20.07.83..-..../PTCorsair A-7D 188TFS----
20.07.8381-0074/PTCorsair A-7K 146TFS/112TFG----
20.07.8371-0321/PTCorsair A-7D 146TFS/112TFG----
20.07.83..-..../PTCorsair A-7D 146TFS/112TFG----
20.07.83..-..../LNF-111F UsafeFALCON21A,B--
20.07.8373-710/LNF-111F UsafeFALCON21A,B--
20.07.83PH-VVDCE150M PrivatePHVVDX range
20.07.83PH-TEXCE172M PrivatePHTEXX range Bannerflight to schiermonnikoog
20.07.83A-471SE3160 RNLAFBOBCAT471--
20.07.83A-451SE3160 RNLAFBOBCAT451--
20.07.83A-529SE3160 RNLAFBOBCAT529--
18.07.83H-67SE3160 SAR--stand-by
14.07.83H-67SE3160 SAR--stand-by
03.07.83H-67SE3160 SAR--stand-by
July 1983-Credits: P.R.Kroese
26.10.8221*80F-104G JBG-31-Cr 7km nr the dike Pilot: Hauptmann-schroder R.I.P
October 1982-Credits: P.R.Kroese
01.12.81H-67Alouette III SARKITBAG67Rescue Pilot Donkerbroek after crash
01.12.81D-8047F-104G 311sq-Cr after engine failure Pilot: Donkerbroek ES
December 1981-Credits: P.R.Kroese
04.10.80H-20Alouette III SAR-Crew ferry
03.10.80XX150/DZJaguar T1 RAFG--
03.10.80XZ956/DHJaguar GR1 No.31sq--
03.10.80XZ974/DHJaguar GR1 No.31sq--
03.10.80XZ386/DBJaguar GR1 No.31sq--
03.10.80..../A.Jaguar T2 No.14sq--
03.10.80XZ375/AKJaguar GR1 No.14sq--
03.10.80XZ388/AHJaguar GR1 No.14sq--
03.10.80K-4007NF-5B 313sq--
02.10.8079-0389/HRF-16A 50TFWHARLEY1,2-
02.10.8079-0365/HRF-16A 50TFWHARLEY1,2-
02.10.80XZ388/AHJaguar GR1 No.14sq--
02.10.80K-4017NF-5B 314sq--
02.10.80K-4007NF-5B 313sq--
02.10.8026+30F-104G 34eJaBoG--
02.10.8021+71F-104G 34eJaBoG--
02.10.80A-247Alouette III RNLAF/KLUBOBCAT247-
01.10.80H-67Alouette III SAR-Crew ferry
October 1980-Credits: Piet Glas
24.09.80H-20Alouette III SAR-Crew ferry
23.09.80PH-WVGPA-28-161 Civil-Crossing range
23.09.80D-8338F-104G 312sq--
23.09.80D-8318F-104G 312sq--
23.09.80D-8051F-104G 312sq--
23.09.80D-8091F-104G 312sq--
23.09.80J-616F-16A 311sq--
23.09.80J-258F-16A 311sq--
23.09.8081-1004/WRA-10A 81TFW--
23.09.8079-0220/WRA-10A 81TFW--
23.09.8043+48Tornado MFG1POPEY..-
23.09.8043+46Tornado MFG1POPEY46-
22.09.80PH-NZOS-76 KLM-Heli-Crossing range
22.09.80PH-NZMS-76 KLM-Heli-Crossing range
21.09.80PH-TEXCe.F172M Civil-Crossing range
21.09.80PH-NZMS-76 KLM-Heli-Crossing range
21.09.80D-8091F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
21.09.80D-8326F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
21.09.80B-76Bo.105C RNLAF/KLu--
20.09.80PH-NZOS-76 KLM-Heli-Crossing range
20.09.80H-75Alouette III SAR--
16.09.80PH-VLSCe.F172M Civil-Crossing range
September 1980-Credits: Piet Glas
03.07.80A-260Alouette III RNLAF/KLu--
02.07.80PH-LIAPA-28-181 Civil-Crossing range
02.07.80K-3017NF-5A 316sq--
02.07.80B-44Bo.105C RNLAF/KLu--
01.07.80PH-PDZFuji FA200 Civil-Crossing range
July 1980-Credits: Piet Glas
30.06.80PH-NZHBo.105 KLM-Heli-Crossing range
30.06.80B-75Bo.105C RNLAF/KLu--
June 1980-Credits: Piet Glas
10.03.80J-...F-16A TCAM291.Wingman cr F-16A
10.03.80J-216F-16A TCAM2910Cr 1148Lt 5Km NW of Stavoren 1e RNLAF F16 crash Pilot: Kropman R.I.P
23.10.7926+68F-104G MFG2--
23.10.7923+25F-104G MFG2--
23.10.7923+02F-104G MFG2--
October 1979-Credits: Piet Glas
20.09.78H-67Alouette III SAR-Crew ferry
20.09.79PH-TEXCe.172M Civil....-
19.09.79PH-RPVBo.105C Rijkspolitie....-
September 1979-Credits: Piet Glas
07.05.7933+20Fiat G-91R/3 LekG-43....Escorting 31*84 to Lwd
07.05.7931+84Fiat G-91R/3 LekG-43....E/L ->Lwd Hung up Bomb
31.10.78B-75>Bo.105C RNLAF/KLu--
31.10.78B-75>Bo.105C RNLAF/KLu--
October 1978-Credits: Piet Glas
14.09.78H-75Alouette III SAR-Crew ferry
13.09.78A-550Alouette III RNLAF/KLu--
13.09.78A-390Alouette III RNLAF/KLu--
12.09.78B-67>Bo.105C RNLAF/KLu--
11.09.78H-67Alouette III SAR-Crew ferry
September 1978-Credits: Piet Glas
11.08.78H-20Alouette III SAR-Crew ferry
09.08.78XZ110/JJaguar Gr1 No.2sq--
09.08.78B-72Bo.105C RNLAF/KLu--
09.08.78A-465Alouette III RNLAF/KLu--
09.08.78K-3053NF-5A 313sq--
09.08.78K-3041NF-5A 313sq--
09.08.78K-4008NF-5B 313sq--
09.08.78K-4007NF-5B 313sq--
09.08.78D-8257F-104G 312sq/EHKVM1673-
09.08.78D-8256F-104G 312sq/EHKVM1673-
09.08.78D-8084F-104G 312sq/EHKVM1673-
09.08.78D-8022F-104G 312sq/EHKVM1673-
09.08.78D-8245F-104G 312sq/EHKV--
09.08.78D-6699F-104G 312sq/EHKV--
09.08.78D-8318F-104G 312sq/EHKV--
09.08.78D-8063F-104G 312sq/EHKV--
09.08.78H-20Alouette III SAR-Crew ferry
02.08.78FX-F-104G 23sm/10W-Cr nr Andijk after bombing run Pilot: 1ltSmit R.I.P
August 1978-Credits: P.R.Kroese, Piet Glas
10.01.78K-3054NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
24.01.78D-6700F-104G 312sq/EHKV--
24.01.78D-6668F-104G 312sq/EHKV--
March 1978-Credits: Piet Glas
24.01.78D-....F-104G EHKV-Formation with crashed F-104G
24.01.78D-....F-104G EHKV-Formation with crashed F-104G
24.01.78D-....F-104G EHKV-Formation with crashed F-104G
24.01.78D-....F-104G EHVK-Cr nr 'Vogelzwin' Pilot: Capt v/d Boomen R.I.P
10.01.78K-3021NF-5A 312sq--
10.01.78K-3018NF-5A 312sq--
Januari 1978-Credits: P.R.Kroese Piet Glas
10.11.77H-67Alouette III SAR-Crew ferry
November 1977-Credits: Piet Glas
15.09.77H-81Alouette III SAR-Crew ferry
15.09.77AF71-302A-7D corsairII 120TFS/140TFW-CO-ANG
15.09.77AF71-302A-7D corsairII 188TFS/140TFW-New Mexico ANG
15.09.7720+56F-104G 31eJaBoG1T209-
15.09.7723+48F-104G 31eJaBoG--
15.09.7724+42F-104G 31eJaBoG--
15.09.7726+44F-104G 31eJaBoG--
15.09.77D-6668F-104G 311/312sq--
15.09.77D-6669F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
15.09.77D-8257F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
15.09.77D-8047F-104G 311/312sq--
15.09.77226/KAB204B MLVDPA001Crossing range
14.09.77C-12F-27M 324sq-Low level
September 1977-Credits: Piet Glas
15.04.77A-406Alouette III Base flt Lw-Crew ferry
15.04.77AF74-052/CRF-4E 32TFS--
15.04.77AF74-051/CRF-4E 32TFS--
15.04.7721+07F-104G MFG2--
14.04.77AF..-..../SPF-4E USAFE--
14.04.77AF..-..../SPF-4E USAFE--
14.04.77AF..-..../SPF-4E USAFE--
14.04.77AF..-..../SPF-4E USAFE--
14.04.7722+24F-104G MFG1--
14.04.7722+37F-104G MFG1--
14.04.7721+43F-104G 31eJaBoG--
14.04.7725+37F-104G 31eJaBoG--
14.04.7722+37F-104G 31eJaBoG--
14.04.77FX-41F-104G 10Wing--
14.04.77D-8245F-104G 312sq--
14.04.77D-6668F-104G 312sq--
14.04.77D-6700F-104G 312sq--
14.04.77D-6697F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
14.04.77B-69Bo.105C RNLAF/KLu--
14.04.77A-535Alouette III Base flt Lw-Crew ferry
14.04.77K-3065NF-5A 316sq/RNLAF--
06.04.77FX-06F-104G 31sm/10W-Cr into 'Meeuwenduin' Pilot: Hartmann R.I.P
April 1977-Credits: Piet Glas P.R.Kroese
10.03.77A-535Alouette III Base flt Lw-Crew ferry
08.03.77K-3010NF-5A 316sq/RNLAF--
08.03.77D-8051F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
08.03.77D-8282F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
07.03.77A-535Alouette III Base flt Lw-Crew ferry
March 1977-Credits: Piet Glas
10.02.77A-535Alouette III Base flt Lw-Crew ferry
09.02.77A-535Alouette III Base flt Lw--
08.02.77K-3066NF-5A 316sq/RNLAF--
08.02.77K-3046NF-5A 316sq/RNLAF--
08.02.77D-8048F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
08.02.77D-8280F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
08.02.77D-8300F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
08.02.77B-69Bo.105C RNLAF/KLu--
Februari 1977-Credits: Piet Glas
24.01.7726+77F-104G MFG-2....DCr into the waddensea Pilot: Buchowski R.I.P
24.01.77..+..F-104G MFG-2....C-
24.01.77..+..F-104G MFG-2....B-
24.01.77..+..F-104G MFG-2....A-
Januari 1977-Credits: P.R.Kroese
02.11.76D-6698F-104G 312sq-Crnr Texel Pilot: Duyveman ES
November 1976-Credits: P.R.Kroese
16.09.76A-489Alouette III Base flt Lw-Crew ferry
15.09.76PH-TWECe172H RNLAF/KLuPHTWECrossing range
14.09.76B-73Bo.105C RNLAF/KLu--
September 1976-Credits: Piet Glas
13.05.7571+24UH-1D HTG64--
13.05.7570+91UH-1D HTG64--
13.05.7525+13F-104G 32eJaBoG--
13.05.7525+46F-104G 32eJaBoG--
13.05.76H-20Alouette III SAR/KLu--
13.05.76K-3011NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
13.05.76K-4002NF-5B RNLAF/KLu--
May 1976-Credits: Piet Glas
04.12.75A-398Alouette III Base Flg Lw-Crew ferry
December 1975-Credits: Piet Glas
04.09.75A-366Alouette III Base Flg Lw-Crew ferry
04.09.75842CF-104 CAF--
04.09.75866CF-104 CAF--
04.09.7542212/11-ECF-100D FAF--
04.09.7542169/11-EHF-100D FAF--
04.09.75D-6648F-104G RNLAF--
04.09.75D-6680F-104G RNLAF--
04.09.75D-8300F-104G RNLAF--
04.09.75D-6697F-104G RNLAF--
04.09.75D-8114F-104G RNLAF--
04.09.75D-5806TF-104G EHVK/RNLAF--
04.09.75FX-46F-104G 10 Wing--
04.09.75FX-64F-104G 10 Wing--
04.09.75K-4002NF-5B 315sq/RNLAF--
04.09.75K-3024NF-5A 315sq/RNLAF--
04.09.75K-3011NF-5A 315sq/RNLAF--
04.09.75K-3063NF-5A 316sq/RNLAF--
04.09.75K-3026NF-5A 316sq/RNLAF--
04.09.75K-3050NF-5A 316sq/RNLAF--
04.09.75K-3032NF-5A 315sq/RNLAF--
04.09.75K-3003NF-5A 315sq/RNLAF--
02.09.7524+51F-104G WS10--
04.09.7524+74F-104G WS10--
04.09.7531+40Fiat G.91R3 WGAF--
04.09.7530+67Fiat G.91R3 WGAF--
04.09.7530+94Fiat G.91R3 WGAF--
04.09.7530+37Fiat G.91R3 WGAF--
04.09.7530+58Fiat G.91R3 WGAF--
04.09.7532+82Fiat G.91R3 WGAF--
02.09.75PH-SRMRobin DR400-140 CivilPHSRMCrossing range
02.09.7537+97Phantom F-4F 36eJaBoG--
02.09.7537+61Phantom F-4F 36eJaBoG--
02.09.75XV466Phantom FGR2 No.14sq--
02.09.7527+20??TF-104G WS10--
02.09.7524+51F-104G WS10--
02.09.7524+28F-104G WS10--
02.09.7524+74F-104G WS10--
02.09.75A-515Alouette III GPLV/KLu--
02.09.75A-366Alouette III GPLV/KLu--
02.09.75D-5805TF-104G EHVK/RNLAF--
02.09.75D-8268F-104G EHVK/RNLAF--
02.09.75K-3062NF-5A 316sq/RNLAF--
02.09.75K-3057NF-5A 316sq/RNLAF--
02.09.75K-3026NF-5A 315sq/RNLAF--
02.09.75K-3063NF-5A 315sq/RNLAF--
02.09.75AF68-0077/UHF-111E USAFESWAN15-
01.09.75A-366Alouette III GPLV/KLu-Crew ferry
September 1975-Credits: Piet Glas
08.01.75K-3049NF-5A RNLAF--
08.01.75K-3016NF-5A RNLAF--
08.01.75XV498Phantom FGR2 RAFG--
08.01.75XV487Phantom FGR2 RAFG--
08.01.75XV474Phantom FGR2 RAFG--
08.01.75XV462Phantom FGR2 RAFG--
Januari 1975-Credits: Piet Glas
24.10.74WR-...F-4 92 TFS--
24.10.74WR-687F-4 92 TFS--
17.10.74PH-TEXCe172M CivilPHTEX-
17.10.7424+17F-104G 31eJaBoG/WGAF--
17.10.7422+56F-104G 31eJaBoG/WGAF--
17.10.7422+38F-104G 31eJaBoG/WGAF--
17.10.7422+68F-104G 31eJaBoG/WGAF--
17.10.74XV501Phantom FGR2 RAFG--
17.10.74XV484Phantom FGR2 RAFG--
17.10.74XV421Phantom FGR2 RAFG--
17.10.74XV419Phantom FGR2 RAFG--
17.10.74D-6700F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
17.10.74D-6681F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
17.10.74H-xxAlouette III SAR--
17.10.74H-81Alouette III SAR--
17.10.74A-319Alouette III GPLV/KLu--
17.10.74221UH-1B MLVDPARRRM-
October 1974-Credits: P.R.Kroese, Piet Glas
19.08.74D-6682F-104G 312sq-Cr after hitting the water Pilot: lt R Dragt ES
August 1974-Credits: P.R.Kroese
15.04.74221UH-1B MLVD--
15.04.74213/VP-2 Neptune MLVD--
14.04.74R-158Super Cub Base Flt Lw-Crew ferry
14.04.7424+51F-104G WGAF--
14.04.7423+84F-104G WGAF--
14.04.7426+37F-104G WGAF--
April 1974-Credits: Piet Glas
30.10.1973XV476Phantom FGR2 RAFG--
30.10.1973XV460Phantom FGR2 RAFG--
30.10.1973K-3051NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
30.10.1973K-3022NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
30.10.1973K-3020NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
30.10.1973K-3005NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
October 1973-Credits: Piet Glas,
25.06.73XV-440Phantom FGR2 No.31sq-Cr after explosion Crew:Hodges, Kennedy R.I.P
June 1973-Credits: P.R.Kroese
02.05.7328+29TF-104G WS-10....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.7327+97TF-104G WS-10....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.7327+07TF-104G JaBoG-31....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.73K-3051NF-5A 315sq....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.73K-3073NF-5A 316sq....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.73K-3050NF-5A 316sq....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.73K-3041NF-5A 315sq....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.73K-3022NF-5A 315sq....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.73K-3009NF-5A 315sq....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.7326+78F-104G MFG-1....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.7326+70F-104G MFG-1....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.7324+66F-104G JaBoG-31....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.73RM6/OT-ZAFC.51 Pembroke 21sm/15W....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.7391*20Piaggio FWP-149D JaBoG-33....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.7391+77Piaggio FWP-149D WS-10....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.7390+95Piaggio FWP-149D MFG-2....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.7331+42Fiat G-91R LekG-43....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.7331+37Fiat G-91R LekG-43....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
02.05.7330+58Fiat G-91R LekG-43....Fly-by Party Retirement J.Linzel CO 1962-1973
May 1973-Credits: P.R.Kroese
12.04.197326+72F-104G WGNy/Eggebek--
12.04.197326+64F-104G WGNy/Eggebek--
12.04.197323+20F-104G WGNy/Eggebek--
12.04.197323+23F-104G WGNy/Eggebek--
12.04.197326+77F-104G WGAF--
12.04.197323+12F-104G WGAF--
12.04.197326+71F-104G WGAF--
12.04.1973XV411Phantom FGR2 RAFG--
12.04.1973AF66-7714/BTF-4D 36TFS/USAFE-Radio u/s, Emergency to LWD
12.04.1973K-3044NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
12.04.1973K-3050NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
12.04.1973K-3031NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
12.04.1973K-3074NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
12.04.1973K-3070NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
12.04.1973K-3060NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
12.04.1973K-3029NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
09.04.1973XV464Phantom FGR2 No.41sq/RAFG-Ricochet Port engine flameout, E/L to Lwd
09.04.1973XV439Phantom FGR2 No.41sq/RAFG-Escorting XV464 to Lwd
09.04.1973XV473Phantom FGR2 No.41sq/RAFG-Escorting XV464 to Lwd
09.04.1973XV421Phantom FGR2 No.41sq/RAFG-Escorting XV464 to Lwd
09.04.1973FX-28F-104G BAF--
09.04.1973FX-27F-104G BAF--
09.04.1973FX-17F-104G BAF--
09.04.197320+50F-104G WGAF--
09.04.197326+52F-104G WGAF--
09.04.1973S-6Beaver RNLAF/KLu-Crew ferry to LWD
09.04.1973K-3063NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
09.04.1973K-3050NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
09.04.1973K-3049NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
09.04.1973K-3031NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
09.04.1973K-3074NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
09.04.1973K-3068NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
09.04.1973K-3060NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
09.04.1973K-3013NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
April 1973-Credits: Piet Glas, P.R.Kroese
07.03.1973XW536Buccaneer RAF--
07.03.1973XW549Buccaneer RAF--
07.03.1973XW548Buccaneer RAF--
07.03.1973XW545Buccaneer RAF--
07.03.197326+785F-104G WGAF--
07.03.197322+95F-104G WGAF--
07.03.1973AF..-421/WRF-4D 32TFS/USAFE--
07.03.1973AF..-446/CRF-4E 32TFS/USAFE--
07.03.1973AF..-440/CRF-4E 32TFS/USAFE--
07.03.1973D-8280F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
07.03.1973D-8259F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
07.03.1973D-8500F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
07.03.1973D-6685F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
07.03.1973K-3045NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
07.03.1973K-3021NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
07.03.1973K-3026NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
March 1973-Credits: Piet Glas
06.10.1972A-480Alouette III RNLAF/KLu--Crew ferry LWD
06.10.1972205/VP-2Neptune RNN/MLVD--
06.10.1972205/VP-2Neptune RNN/MLVD--
06.10.1972205/VP-2 Neptune RNN/MLVD--
October 1972-Credits: Piet Glas
05.10.197225+76F-104G WGAF--
05.10.197220+38F-104G WGAF--
05.10.1972K-3056NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
05.10.1972K-3057NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
05.10.1972K-3035NF-5A RNLAF/KLu--
05.10.1972D-8280F-104G RNLAF/KLu--
02.10.1972AF..-615/SPF-4 USAFE--
October 1972-Credits: Piet Glas
26.06.72202/VP-2 Neptune RNN/MLVD....SAR overhead East-Vlieland
June 1972-Credits: P.R.Kroese
30.05.72D-6694F-104G RNLAF....Near miss with the PH-NZD during app. run
30.05.72PH-NZDS-61N KLM Noordzee....Near miss with D-6694
May 1972-Credits: P.R.Kroese
20.09.71D-....F-104G 312sqM1396Wingman crashed F-104G
20.09.71D-....F-104G 312sqM1396Cr after engine failure Pilot: 1lt E Scholten ES
September 1971-Credits: P.R.Kroese
30.09.70FX-42F-104G 23sm/10W-Cr into Northsea Pilot: OLT P Van Eldom R.I.P
September 1970-Credits: P.R.Kroese
24.11.69FX-..F-104G BAF-Cr after explosion Pilot: lt Matho R.I.P
05.08.69D-8...F-104G EHVKC1039LT Fatal shot at Ground crew E de Haan R.I.P
05.08.69D-8...F-104G EHVKB-
05.08.69D-8...F-104G EHVKA-
01.09.67104791CF-104G CAF-Cr 500meter out coast Pilot: Capt.Dunn R.I.P
19.07.67.....CF-104G CAF-Drops 2BDU at 'Meeuwenduin' nr posthuis
24.05.66P-181F-84F 315sq-Cr nr Texel engine flameout Pilot: Coen Boddaert R.I.P
24.05.66P-...F-84F 315sq-Napalm & Rocket runs
24.05.66P-...F-84F 315sq-Napalm & Rocket runs
24.05.66P-...F-84F 315sq-Napalm & Rocket runs
12.07.65D-8...F-104G EHVKA,B,CRtb Volkel
12.07.65D-8...F-104G EHVKA,B,CRtb Volkel cr nr Hoogwoud (ES)
12.07.65D-8...F-104G EHVKA,B,CRtb Volkel cr nr Hoogwoud (R.I.P)
17.01.62FU-48F-84F BAF-Cr South Vliehors Pilot: lt Ravyts R.I.P
16.03.61..-....RB-66B 10TRW-Wingman
16.03.61..-....RB-66B 10TRW-Wingman
16.03.6159-0430RB-66B 10TRW-Cr overhead Northsea Crew: R.I.P
01.03.60P-106F-84F 312sq-Napalm mission
30.09.59H-..Alouette II SARFlight-First SAR rescue pilot: Sgt L.H.Cramer, +/-1128Lt nr Griend, Waddensea.
SAR Crew Pilot: Piet v/d Burgt, Frogman: Bas Dubbelaar
30.09.593x N-...Hunter MK.4 326sq-Flight with the N-174/91-4
30.09.59N-174/91-4Hunter MK.4 326sq-Cr after 30mm bullet ricochet in to the engine
Pilot: Sgt L.H. Cramer ES
27.04.59P-197/PP-13F-84F 311sq-Cr RTB volkel
27.04.59P-196/PP-9F-84F 311sq-Cr RTB volkel
17.03.58P-...F-84F 315sqA,B,CFlight off 3, 2 crashed Iselmeer
17.03.58P-...F-84F 315sqA,B,CCr IJselmeer MA collision RTB EHEH (R.I.P)
17.03.58P-...F-84F 315sqA,B,CCr IJselmeer MA collision RTB EHEH (R.I.P)
28.05.57P-256/TC19F-84F 316sq-Cr at the Vliehors Pilot: 2Lt. De Jong ES
17.10.53I218/4R53G-Meteor MK.8 325sqDARLING24Cr into the Northsea Pilot: 1lt Deibel (28) R.I.P
29.04.53I-48/Y9-7G-Meteor MKIV 323sq-E/L at the Vliehors after hitting Tow
25.03.52I35-Y9-5G-Meteor MKIV EHTWPOPSEY28Cr during dive at vliehors Pilot: sgt Engelsman R.I.P
08.08.51R-3Auster MKIII EHLW-Cr nr East 'posthuis' Pilot: "Bill"Jansen + 1Pob R.I.P
04.08.50R-10/JN539Martinet TT.1 JVS-Crash-landed beach cornfield after engine faillure
...07.49R-../.....Marinet TT.1 BAF-E/L kroonpolder/vliehors Tow plane
-4x H-../.W-..Spitfire MKIX JVS--
-H-3 + H-9Spitfire MKIX JVS--
19 till 26 feb 19498 daysShooting/Bombing practiseairplanes are tdy at Leeuwarden
-6x H-../.W-..Spitfire MKIX JVS--
19 till 26 jan 19498 daysShooting/Bombing practiseairplanes are tdy at Leeuwarden
03.12.48H-11/3W-11Spitfire MK1X JVS-Crash-landed at the range Pilot: Sybenga-mulder OK
VlielandDuring theWW II
22.06.1943EE121/KLancaster No.83sq-Shotdown by Luftwaffe ACE Pilot Hauptman Helmut Lent during air combat, crashed about 0304Lt into the Northsea West of Vlieland.
Crew : Radiotelegrafist/air gunner, (27) K.I.A.
23.03.45LK209/MA-TStirling No.161sq-Crashed 01.20LT after hit by AA guns east Vlieland
Navigator Ronald Arthur Caston R.I.P
Crew : Pilot, Flight Lt. A.H. Aitken (..) K.I.A.
Crew : Navigator, Pilot Officer R.H. Caston (..) K.I.A.
Crew : Flight Engineer, Sergeant W. Horrocks (..) K.I.A.
Crew : Airgunner, Flight Sergeant A.R. Paton (..) K.I.A.
Crew : Bonmbardier, Pilot Officer W.L. Shaw (22) K.I.A.
Crew : Radiotelegrafist/air gunner, Pilot Officer R.A. Shift (22) K.I.A.
Crew : Air gunner, Flight Sergeant J.T. White (..) P.O.W.
11.12.4320218Me.schmidt BF109 JG-1-Shotdown during A/A Batlle US bombers
04.03.434886/G9+.YMe.schmidt BF110G4 11./NJG.1-Crash-landed on the beach of Vlieland after shotdown by own FLAK
Crew : Marconist: Uff. H. Bonk
Crew : Pilot, Lt W. Kuthe
04.06.1942X3734/TWellington No.115sq/RAF-Shotdown during Air Combat by Luftwaffe Pilot Egmond Prinz Zur Lippe Weissenfeld, crashed into the Northsea about 0050Lt near vlieland.
Crew : Sergeant E.R. Harding (18) M.I.A.
Crew : Pilot, Flight Sergeant J.L. Hutchison (25) K.I.A. RCAF
Crew : Radiotelegrafist/air gunner, Sergeant T.A. Mc Grath (20) M.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant J.L. Plant (20) M.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant T.A. Rowan (20) M.I.A.
30.05.1942AT236/RHampden No.415sq/RAF-Crashed about 004Lt after shot by FLAK, near vlieland.
Crew : Radiotelegrafist/air gunner, Flight Sergeant A.F. Conway (..) K.I.A. RCAF
Crew : Navigator, Pilot Officer, M. Edwards (31) M.I.A. RCAF
Crew : Air gunner, Flight Sergeant J.A. Mc Williams (21) M.I.A. RCAF
Crew : Pilot, Flight Officer, D.H. Sargent (26) M.I.A. RCAF
26.04.1942xxxxxHampden No.xxxsq/RAF-Crashed into the Northsea, North West of vlieland.
24.06.1942T2921Wellington No.103sq-Shotdown by Luftwaffe ACE Pilot Hauptman Helmut Lent during air combat, crashed about 0146Lt into the Northsea NorthWest of Vlieland/Texel
Crew : Radiotelegrafist/air gunner, Sergeant A.F Bissett (27) K.I.A.
Crew : Pilot, Sergeant T.W.B. Emmott (..) M.I.A.
Crew : Radiotelegrafist/air gunner, Sergeant A. Jones (..) K.I.A.
Crew : Air gunner, Sergeant A.B. Scatlan (27) K.I.A.
Crew : Observer, Pilot Officer F.H. Wood (32) M.I.A.
09.04.1942X3757Wellington No.57sq/RAF-Shotdown during Air Combat by Luftwaffe ACE Pilot Paul Gildner, crashed into the Northsea about 0207Lt 20km North of vlieland.
Crew : Sergeant G. Lakeman (22) M.I.A.
Crew : Flight Sergeant J.E. Lineham (20) M.I.A.
Crew : Pilot, Pilot Officer N.P. Morse (27) M.I.A. RNZAF
Crew : Sergeant N.J. Naylor (23) M.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant R.G. Richards(..) M.I.A.
Crew : Navigator, Flight Sergeant G.H. Vogan (23) M.I.A. RNZAF
08.04.1942L5837/OLManchester No.83sq-Crashed after rtb homebase RAF Scampton during an emergency landing into the Northsea about 2330Lt North West of Vlieland. Aircraft named "J for Johnny"
Crew : Pilot Officer H. Dickinson (24) M.I.A.
Crew : Intell, Pilot Officer R.J. Dyer (27) M.I.A.
Crew : Observer, Sergeant E.A. Fitchett (20) K.I.A.
Crew : Flight Officer D. Goodman (..) M.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant J. Neary (24) M.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant D.G. Porter (20) M.I.A.
Crew : Pilot, Flight Officer D.J. Renvoize (..) M.I.A.
Crew : Pilot, Pilot Officer M.A. Sproule (..) SAVED
26.03.1942AT200Hampden No.144sq-Shotdown during Air Combat by Luftwaffe ACE Pilot Paul Gildner, crashed into the Northsea about 0033Lt North of Vlieland
Crew : Sergeant J. Burns (..) M.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant E.F. Penlington (22) M.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant D. Towler (..) M.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant W.L.L. Woodford (..) M.I.A.
26.03.1942AE298/DHampden No.420sq/RCAF-Shotdown during Air Combat by Luftwaffe ACE Pilot Paul Gildner, crashed into the Northsea about 2257Lt West of vlieland.
Crew : Pilot, Flight Sergeant W.R. Groff (23) M.I.A.
Crew : Flight Sergeant R.D.H Morgan (22) M.I.A.
Crew : Flight Sergeant L.D. Stalker (23) M.I.A.
Crew : Flight Sergeant A.F. Williams (27) M.I.A.
25.03.1942AT15Hampden No.150sq-Crashed North of Vlieland
13.03.1942Z1251/XWellington No.460sq/RCAF-Crashed about 0205Lt North East of vlieland.
Crew : Flight Sergeant P.J.D. Cooney (22) K.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant L.E. Hart (23) K.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant W.A. Pascoe (25) K.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant J.S. Turnock (28) K.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant G.N. Winter (21) K.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant S. Woodward (..) K.I.A.
15.12.1941AM731Hudson No.407sq/RCAF-Crashed West of vlieland, during "Operation Rover" along the Dutch coast.
Crew : Pilot Officer L.W. Almquist (25) M.I.A.
Crew : Pilot Officer J.A. Bitcon (22) M.I.A.
Crew : Radiotelegrafist/air gunner, Pilot Officer P.G. Ford (26) K.I.A.
Crew : Radiotelegrafist, Sergeant W. Turley (..) M.I.A.
09.11.1941X3280Wellington No.9sq-Crashed waddensea south-East of vlieland
Crew : Sergeant G.H. Dartnall K.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant R.B. Fielding (27) M.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant R.B. How (25) M.I.A.
Crew : Sergeant K. Quick (21) M.I.A.
Crew : Flight Sergeant W. Smithson (24) K.I.A.
Crew : Pilot, Pilot Officer H.V. Wilgar-Robinson (30) K.I.A.
29.08.1941AD971/DHampden No.49sq-Shotdown by Luftwaffe ACE Pilot Hauptman Helmut Lent during air combat, crashed about 0330Lt into the Waddensea near Vlieland/Texel
Crew : Radiotelegrafist/air gunner, Sergeant C. Hodkinson (29) K.I.A.
Crew : Pilot, Pilot Officer T.P. Pratt (25) K.I.A.
Crew : Navigator, Pilot Officer H.C. Tonge (29) K.I.A.
Crew : Radiotelegrafist, Sergeant A.C. Willis (22) K.I.A.
20.05.19418107Me.schmidt BF109 2 staffel.JGS-52-Crashed during "Wetterflug" near Vlieland/Texel
Pilot Feldwebel F. Volkmer (24) R.I.P.
27.08.40P-4324Hampden No.61sq-Crashed 07.20LT after ran out of fuel, at the Vliehors, Vlieland.
Crew : Warrant Officer J.W. Brock (21) P.O.W.
Crew : Segeant. M.J. Joyce P.O.W.
Crew : Segeant. A.E. Murdock P.O.W.
Crew : Flight Officer. P.D.Tunstall (21) P.O.W.
VlielandDuring theWW II

Credit's; P.R.Kroese, Millspotters, Scramble, Airnieuws, Dick Bruin, Elvin, Piet Glas, W.M.Koch, De Nijs, E.Kamphuis,

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