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(regi)=Reg.not 100%, A/Arr=Arrival, BDU=Bomb Dummy Unit, CAP= Combat Air Patrol, CL= Combat Laser, D/Dep=Departure, E/L= emergency landing, EHR2=Marnewaard,
EHR4A,B,C,D,E= "CORNFIELD"/Vliehors range, FAC=Forward Air Controller, HARB= High Angle Release Bomb, HALD/HD= High Angle Low Drag/High Drag, HADB= High Angle Dive Bomb, HAS= High Angle Strafe, HD= ..' High Drag pattern, JTAC= Joint Terminal Attack Controller, JaBoG=Jagd Bomber Geschwader, EP= East point, FC=Full color badge, LAS= Low Angle Strafe, LD= ..'Low Drag pattern, LGTR=Laser Guided Training Round, Minusma= UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission Mali, MOB= Man overboard, MLP= Medium level pattern, NB=no badge, NSS=Nuclear Security Summit2014, P/L=Precaution landing, RC= Range Controller, SPB=Special Badge, TaktLwG..=Taktischen Luftwaffengeswader .., TDY=Temporary duty, TD=Toned down badge, WX=Weather,


Movements June 2017

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25.06.1973XV440 PhantomFGR2 No.31sqxxxxIn Memory Crew D. Hodges & H.P.C Kennedy R.I.P
23.06.2017PH-OOPAirbus H-145 RAV/AnwbMEDIC01Medevac Vlieland EP--> MCL
23.06.2017FB-15F-16BM 10 WingBAF421Various runs
23.06.2017J-008F-16AM 312sq/TM fcFIST2Various runs, inb LWD * rwy23
23.06.2017J-055F-16AM 312sq/nmkFIST1Various runs, inb LWD * rwy23
22.06.2017J-641F-16AM 313sqTIGER1Various runs
22.06.2017J-063F-16AM 312sqFLAME3Various runs
22.06.2017J-646F-16AM 312sqFLAME2Various runs, after mission dep to Leeuwarden FWIT'17
22.06.2017J-008F-16AM 312sq/TM fcFLAME1Various runs
21.06.2017FB-15F-16BM 10 WingBAF431Various runs
21.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 312sqBONZO3Various runs
21.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 312sqBONZO2Various runs
21.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 312sqBONZO1Various runs
21.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 312sqSHARK2Various runs
21.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 312sqSHARK1Various runs
21.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 312sqBULLET1Various runs
20.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 312sqFLAME1Various runs
20.06.2017FB-15F-16BM 10 WingBAF431Various runs
20.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 312sqBULLET4Various runs
20.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 312sqBULLET3Various runs
20.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 312sqBULLET2Various runs
20.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 312sqBULLET1Various runs
20.06.2017PH-OOPAirbus H-145 RAV/AnwbMEDIC01Medevac Vlieland EP--> UMCG
19.06.20174.+..Tornado IDS TaktLwG33GAFE31Various runs 4x Lay, 4x Loft, Strafe
19.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessSAW2Various runs
19.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessSAW1Various runs
19.06.20174.+..Tornado IDS TaktLwG33GAFE31Various runs 4x Lay, 4x Loft, Strafe
19.06.20174.+..Tornado IDS TaktLwG33GAFE21AVarious runs
19.06.2017FB-15F-16BM 10 WingBAF431Various runs 45'Headup
19.06.2017FB-15F-16BM 10 WingBAF451Various runs Strafe
19.06.2017J-055F-16AM 312sq/nmkBONZO1Various runs
15.06.2017J-055F-16AM 312sq/nmkBONZO1Various runs 4xMk.76(BDU33), Hung-up Mk.76 Station.3, P/L inb LWD
15.06.20174.+..Tornado ECR TaktLwG51LION2Various runs
15.06.20174.+..Tornado ECR TaktLwG51LION1Various runs
15.06.2017J-055F-16AM 312sq/nmkBURST1Various runs 4xMk.76(BDU33), Hung-up Mk.76 Station.3, P/L inb LWD
14.06.20174.+..Tornado IDS TaktLwG33GAFE31DVarious runs HAS, Dive Bombing
14.06.20174.+..Tornado IDS TaktLwG33GAFE31CVarious runs HAS, Dive Bombing, Combat Laser
14.06.20174.+..Tornado IDS TaktLwG33GAFE31BVarious runs HAS, Dive Bombing
14.06.20174.+..Tornado IDS TaktLwG33GAFE31AVarious runs HAS, Dive Bombing, Combat Laser
14.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessSAW4Various runs
14.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessSAW3Various runs
14.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessSAW2Various runs
14.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessSAW1Various runs
14.06.20174.+..Tornado IDS TaktLwG33GAFE22Various runs Dive bombing
14.06.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO21BVarious runs
14.06.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO21AVarious runs
14.06.2017J-011F-16AM 312sqBONZO1Various runs
13.06.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO62Various runs
13.06.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO61Various runs
13.06.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO31CVarious runs
13.06.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO31BVarious runs
13.06.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO31AVarious runs
13.06.20174.+..Tornado ECR TaktLwG51EAGLE2Various runs
13.06.20174.+..Tornado ECR TaktLwG51EAGLE1Various runs
12.06.20174.+..Tornado IDS TaktLwG33GAFE31BVarious runs 4x Level, 4x Loft
12.06.20174.+..Tornado IDS TaktLwG33GAFE31AVarious runs 4x Level, 4x Loft
12.06.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO51BVarious runs
12.06.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO51AVarious runs
12.06.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO41Various runs
12.06.2017J-011F-16AM 312sqBONZO1Various runs
12.06.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO22Various runs
12.06.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO21Various runs
12.06.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO11Various runs
08.06.20174.+..Tornado ECR TaktLwG51MONSTER2Various runs 4x Level, 4x 20'
08.06.20174.+..Tornado ECR TaktLwG51MONSTER1Various runs 4x Level, 4x 20'
03.06.2017PH-SMXSukhoi Su-26MX Dutch RushPHSMXX EHR-4 enroute Oostwold Airshow 4 & 5 June
02.06.20174.+..Tornado ECR TaktLwG51EAGLE2Various runs
02.06.20174.+..Tornado ECR TaktLwG51EAGLE1Various runs
02.06.197726+77 F-104G MFG-2xxxxIn Memory Pilot: Lt Buchhwoski R.I.P
01.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessSAW2Various runs 20'LALD, 10'LALD, 10' Visual level delivery
01.06.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessSAW1Various runs 20'LALD, 10'LALD, 10' Visual level delivery
01.06.2017F.-...F-16.M 10 WingBAF433Various runs 45'Headup
01.06.2017F.-...F-16.M 10 WingBAF432Various runs 45'Headup
01.06.2017F.-...F-16.M 10 WingBAF431Various runs 45'Headup

Movements Credits: P.R.Kroese, Cor Verheijen, Scramble and others who wants to stay anonymous.

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