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Live Weapons Mk.82
Mon 09-10-2017 AM/PM
Tue 10-10-2017 AM/PM
Wed 11-10-2017 AM/PM
Thu 12-10-2017 AM/PM
Fri 13-10-2017 AM

Credit: Min.Def, Anonymous

Operating Hours:
Winter time:
Monday through Thursday
08:30Lt (07:30z)-22:30Lt (21:30z)
08:30Lt (07:30z)-11:00Lt (10:00z)
Summer time:
Monday through Thursday
08:30Lt (06:30z)-21:30Lt (20:30z)
08:30Lt (06:30z)-11:00Lt (09:00z)
Range slots are allocated in 15 minute slots.

122.1000 = Cornfield VHF
132.3500 = Dutch mil
138.0750 = Range controler VHF
264.3250 = U06/Dutchmil info
279.0000 = Range Controler Primary
369.2000 = Range Controler Secondary
397.2750 = Dutchmil (Pri)

In memory of the Pilots and employees who lost their lives on the

24.05.1966(51Years ago)
P-181 F-84F 315sq
Pilot: Coen Boddaert R.I.P

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  Vliehors range EHR-4A ,Vlieland Nato Codename "CORNFIELD"  

On the South-Western part of the Island Vlieland is the NATO Air weapons range.
The terrain is approximately 17Km2, and is called Vliehors, NATO Callsign "CORNFIELD"
The Vliehors range area is divided 6 blocks; --> EHR 4A MSL - 30000ft AMSL "Cornfield",
                                                           --> EHR 4B MSL - 4000ft AMSL
                                                           --> EHR 4C 1000ft - 2000ft AMSL
                                                           --> EHR 4D MSL - 1500ft AMSL
                                                           --> EHR 4E 10000ft - 30000ft AMSL
                                                           --> EHR 4F MSL - 5000ft AMSL

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En-route to the Vliehors range ........
Reaching the Cornfield entry point: "the Dike" or "point Delta", the flight is handed-over by Dutchmil to the Range Control Officer (RCO).

A few minutes prior to range entry, the flight leader will contact the Range Control Officer (RCO) gives the current information:
                                          *Mission number,
                                          *Number of aircraft,
                                          *Types of delivery; (Target, Attack heading, Dive angle, Ammo.)

The Range Controler Officer (RCO) will clear the flight to enter the range or direct them to holding .The Range Control Officer (RCO) will inform the flight with:
                                          *Altimere setting (QNH)
                                          *any other important information: Bird status, Sea state.

Movements July 2017

  Movements June 2017  

More movements


21.07.2017J-009F-16AM 322TactessKILLER2Various runs 10'LALD
21.07.2017J-021F-16AM 322TactessKILLER1Various runs 10'LALD
20.07.2017J-021F-16AM 322TactessPOLLY2Various runs (pm) 10'LALD
20.07.2017J-009F-16AM 322TactessPOLLY1Various runs (pm) 10'LALD
20.07.2017J-021F-16AM 322TactessKILLER2Various runs (am) Strafe, 15'LALD
20.07.2017J-009F-16AM 322TactessKILLER1Various runs (am) Strafe, 15'LALD
19.07.2017OO-NHVAS-365N3 NHVRESCUE06AB EHKD X EHR-4 VV (medevac Northsea, Refuel at the L9FF1 platform -> MCL)
19.07.201791-0338/SPF-16CM-50CF 480FS/52FWWARHAWK12Various runs, RTB tdy RAF Lakenheath via MC9
19.07.2017xx-xxxx/SPF-16CM-50CF 480FS/52FWWARHAWK11Various runs, RTB tdy RAF Lakenheath via MC9
19.07.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessPOLLY2Various runs 45'HARB, 30'HARB, Strafe
19.07.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessPOLLY1Various runs 45'HARB, 30'HARB, Strafe
19.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31GAFK33Various runs
19.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31GAFK32Various runs
19.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31GAFK31Various runs
18.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31SHOCK43Various runs
18.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31SHOCK42Various runs
18.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31SHOCK41Various runs
18.07.2017xx-xxxx/SPF-16CM-50CF 480FS/52FWWARHAWK14Various runs, RTB tdy RAF Lakenheath via MC9
18.07.201791-0342/SPF-16CM-50CF 480FS/52FWWARHAWK13Various runs, RTB tdy RAF Lakenheath via MC9
18.07.201791-0338/SPF-16CM-50CF 480FS/52FWWARHAWK12Various runs, RTB tdy RAF Lakenheath via MC9
18.07.2017xx-xxxx/SPF-16CM-50CF 480FS/52FWWARHAWK11Various runs, RTB tdy RAF Lakenheath via MC9
18.07.2017J-021F-16AM 322TactessCOBRA2Various runs (pm) 2x Mk.76(BDU33), 1 LGTR, JTAC work
18.07.2017J-009F-16AM 322TactessCOBRA1Various runs (pm) 2x Mk.76(BDU33), 1 LGTR, JTAC work
18.07.2017J-021F-16AM 322TactessKILLER2Various runs (am) 2x Mk.76(BDU33), 1 LGTR, JTAC work
18.07.2017J-009F-16AM 322TactessKILLER1Various runs (am) 2x Mk.76(BDU33), 1 LGTR, JTAC work
17.07.201791-0403/SPF-16CM-50CF 480FS/52FWWARHAWK14Various runs, HAS, RTB tdy RAF Lakenheath via MC9
17.07.201791-0342/SPF-16CM-50CF 480FS/52FWWARHAWK13Various runs, HAS, RTB tdy RAF Lakenheath via MC9
17.07.201791-0338/SPF-16CM-50CF 480FS/52FWWARHAWK12Various runs, RTB tdy RAF Lakenheath via MC9
17.07.201790-0827/SPF-16CM-50CF 480FS/52FWWARHAWK11Various runs, RTB tdy RAF Lakenheath via MC9
17.07.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessKILLER2Various runs
17.07.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessKILLER1Various runs
13.07.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessBLADE4Various runs
13.07.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessBLADE3Various runs
13.07.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessBLADE2Various runs
13.07.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessBLADE1Various runs
13.07.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessPOLLY4Various runs
13.07.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessPOLLY3Various runs
13.07.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessPOLLY2Various runs
13.07.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessPOLLY1Various runs
13.07.20174.+..Tornado IDS TaktLwG33GAFE12BVarious runs 4x Lay, 4x Loft, Strafe
13.07.20174.+..Tornado IDS TaktLwG33GAFE12AVarious runs 4x Lay, 4x Loft, Strafe
13.07.2017D-HDDLEC-135P2+ MFG-5GNAVY4910X EHR4-B 4000ft inb. de Kooy Fuelstop enroute "RIAT" RAF Fairford, (EGVA)
13.07.201789+70Seaking MK41 MFG-5GNAVY4810X EHR4-B 4000ft inb. de Kooy Fuelstop enroute "RIAT" RAF Fairford, (EGVA)
13.07.20174.+..Tornado IDS TaktLwG33GAFE11AVarious runs
12.07.2017FA-94F-16AM 10 WingBAF432Various runs
12.07.2017FA-70F-16AM 10 WingBAF431Various runs
11.07.201760+06PC-3C CUP MFG-3GNAVY4503X EHR4- VV inb. Den Helder/ de Kooy Exercise "AROC" EHR-8 (Ex MLD PC-3 309)
11.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31SHOCK41Various runs
11.07.2017J-xxxF-16AM 322TactessKILLER1,2Overhead range
11.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31SHOCK12Various runs
11.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31SHOCK11Various runs
10.07.20174.+..Tornado ECR TaktLwG51LIONOverhead (Cold) Range area --> enroute MC4
10.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31SHOCK43Various runs
10.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31SHOCK42Various runs
10.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31SHOCK41Various runs
10.07.2017LN-WNDDC-3 DakotaNorwayFound.LNWNDX EHR4B 2600ft from Duxford EGSU, UK --> Sandefjord/Torp Airfield ENTO, Norway
10.07.20174.+..Tornado ECR TaktLwG51EAGLE2Various runs
10.07.20174.+..Tornado ECR TaktLwG51EAGLE1Various runs
09.07.2017PH-CGNDo.228-212 NCGRESCUE01X EHR-4 VV SAR Northsea coast Terschelling
09.07.2017OO-NHXAS-365N3 NHVRESCUE08AB EHKD X EHR-4 VV SAR Northsea coast Terschelling
08.07.2017PH-OOPAirbus H-145 RAV/AnwbMEDIC01Medevac Vlieland EP--> MCL
05.07.2017FA-69F-16AM 10 WingBAF424Various runs
05.07.2017FA-136F-16AM 10 WingBAF423Various runs
05.07.2017FA-94F-16AM 10 WingBAF422Various runs
05.07.2017FA-56F-16AM 10 WingBAF421Various runs
05.07.20178.+..CH-53GA HSG-64GRIFFIN88Various runs, gunners exercise
04.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO20Various runs
04.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO12Various runs
04.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO11Various runs
04.07.2017F.-...F-16.M 10 WingBAF431Various runs
03.07.20178.+..CH-53GA HSG-64GRIFFIN69Various runs, gunners exercise
03.07.20173.+..EF-2000 TaktLwG31NO41Various runs
03.07.2017J-201F-16AM 322TactessBLADE4Various runs 4x Mk76(BDU33)
03.07.2017J-871F-16AM 322TactessBLADE3Various runs 4x Mk76(BDU33)
03.07.2017J-516F-16AM 322TactessBLADE2Various runs
03.07.2017J-367F-16AM 322TactessBLADE1Various runs 4x Mk76(BDU33)

(regi)=Reg.not 100%, A/Arr=Arrival, BDU=Bomb Dummy Unit, CAP= Combat Air Patrol, CL= Combat Laser, D/Dep=Departure, E/L= emergency landing, EHR2=Marnewaard,
EHR4A,B,C,D,E= "CORNFIELD"/Vliehors range, FAC=Forward Air Controller, HARB= High Angle Release Bomb, HALD/HD= High Angle Low Drag/High Drag, HADB= High Angle Dive Bomb, HAS= High Angle Strafe, HD= ..' High Drag pattern, JTAC= Joint Terminal Attack Controller, JaBoG=Jagd Bomber Geschwader, EP= East point, FC=Full color badge, LAS= Low Angle Strafe, LD= ..'Low Drag pattern, LGTR=Laser Guided Training Round, Minusma= UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission Mali, MOB= Man overboard, MLP= Medium level pattern, NB=no badge, NSS=Nuclear Security Summit2014, P/L=Precaution landing, RCO= Range Control Officer, SPB=Special Badge, TaktLwG..=Taktischen Luftwaffengeschwader .., TDY=Temporary duty, TD=Toned down badge, WX=Weather,

Movements Credits: P.R.Kroese, Reptile1, Cor Verheijen and others who wants to stay anonymous.

      All rights reserved & Copyright 2006-2017 P.R.Kroese

IMPORTANT: If you use parts off the movements, or the movements for any form of publication.
we do like to be credited by name P.R.Kroese or this site (www.prk-aviation.nl)