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Crashes & Accidents Cornfield-range 1948-2006

19-07-'06J-363F-16AM 311sqBURST22 Crashed over the Waddenzee near the island of Vlieland around 15:00Lt (1300Z). The cause of the accident is currently unknown, but the investigations all point to a crack in the diffuser case causing an engine failure.
PILOT: 1lt. M. "BASSIE" van Zuijdam ES
09-09-'05FA-112F-16AM 1smSTING13 A Belgian four-ship formation was practising strafe runs over the Vliehors training range in the when one of the F-16s crashed at around 10.55Lt (0855Z).
PILOT: Cdt.Fabrice "RAOUL" Massaux (33) R.I.P

08-11-'0141+51Tornado IDS MFG2--Crashed 0903Lt (0803Z)after a birdstrike on the beach in a 60 degrees dive, then it exploded
22-02-'01..+..Tornado IDS JBG-32--By mistake a Tornado's 27mm mauser Bullets hit the Tower 7 times,
by a miracle non of the three personnel member on duty during the shooting
where hurt by the unfortunal shooting
10-01'92J-007F-16A 313sq--Crashed at 1000Lt (0900Z) after a strafing run, the plane dived straight in the Norhtsea
PILOT:1Lt. W. "SUDS" van Suijdam (27) R.I.P
18-11'9145+63Tornado IDS(T) JBG-38JE..Crashed around 2000Lt (1900Z) into the Northsea during a night weapons trainings flight
Instructor PILOT: Maj. Axel Sander R.I.P.
Student PILOT: OLt Herbert Hennen R.I.P
05-01-'8443+39Tornado IDS JBG-38....Crashed during simulating Bomb attack
PILOT (MFG1): O.ltzs Norbert Stawny & Maj. H.J.Hanebuth R.I.P
26-10-'8221+80F-104G JBG-31M1335Crashed +/- 2100Lt into the IJsselmeer near the "Dike" and about 3 miles South of the little harbour at Breezanddijk. after hitting the water inbound the Cornfield range for an night bombing mission
Pilot: Hptm Reinhard Schroder R.I.P
01-12-'81D-8047F-104G 311sq....Crashed 4km South-west off vlieland
PILOT:1Lt. Peter "PEER" Donkerbroek ES
10-03-'80J-216F-16A TCAM2910First foreign F-16 loss. Fatal crash in Ijsselmeer, near Stavoren in the Netherlands. The aircraft was practising on the Vliehors range.
PILOT: Captain Erik J.L. "BIT" Kropman(35) +/-1148Lt R.I.P
02-06-'7726+77F-104G MFG-2....DCrashed Pilot Lt.Buchhowski(25) R.I.P
06-04-'77FX-06F-104G 31sm/10W--Crashed after dropping a practisebomb, during the pull-up the plane hit the dunes
PILOT: Capt. F.Hartmann R.I.P (GAF pilot)
02-11-'76D-6698F-104G 312sq--Crashed about 1500Lt, 5 miles east of Texel
Pilot: 1Lt Bart Duiveman ES
19-08-'74D-6682F-104 g 312sq--Crashed after hitting the water, the pilot could manage to pull-up
but had to bail-out over land between Berlikum-Franeker, after mailfunction of the operational system
PILOT: 1Lt Reint Dragt ES
25-06-'73XV440Phantom FGR2 No.31sq--Crashed after an explosion at 2253Lt between Vliehors and the Dike
Pilot's D Hodges & H.P.C.Kennedy R.I.P
30-09-'70FX-42F-104G 23sm/10W--Crashed about 1300Lt during a bombing run
PILOT: OLT P Van Eldom R.I.P
05-08-'69D-....F-104G RNLAF---
11-09-'67104791CF-104G CAF--Crashed about 1410Lt into the Northsea
Pilot:Capt. Dunn R.I.P.
24-05-'66P-181F-84F 315sq--Crashed after engine flame out at Texel.
Pilot: Coen Boddaert R.I.P.
17-01'62FU-48F-84F BAF--Crashed about 1500Lt, South of the Vliehors 3 miles out off the coast,
PILOT: Lt.Henri Gilbert(31) R.I.P
16-03-'6154-0430RB-66B 10TRW--Crashed +/-2015Lt after a "dummy-run" durning a night flying exercise to drop bomb and Flares.
PILOT:Capt.H.V.Armani R.I.P
NAV:Capt.D.Harvey R.I.P
30-09-'59N174/91-4Hunter F.MK.4 326sq(ehwo)--Crashed after ricochet 30mm bullet into the engine. First Allouette II SAR Rescue H-2
PILOT: Sgt L.M.Cramer ES
28-05-'57P-256/TC19F-84F 316sq(eheh)--Crashed after flying way to low,when the pylontank hit a dune at 0,5m high. The leftwing caught fire and the plane got in a spin and craseh into the sea
PILOT:2Lt W de Jong ES
17-10-'53I218/4R53G.Meteor F.MK.8 325sq(ehlw)DARLING24Crashed at +/- 0845Lt suddely into the Northsea
PILOT: 1Lt. Deibel (28) R.I.P
29-04-'53I48/Y9-7G.Meteor F.MK.4 323sq(ehlw)--Crash-landed +/- 1700Lt at the range after hitting a towtarget with his rightwing with a lot damage
PILOT:Sgt Sake Hoekstra ES
25-03-'52I35/Y9-5G.Meteor F.MK.4 323sq(ehtw)POPSEY28Crashed +/-1130Lt after bombing run into the beach
PILOT: Sgt. Engelsman (25)R.I.P
04-06-'48H-11/3W-11Spitfire IXc JVS(ehtw)--Hit with his propellor the strafing target and broke of



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