Fighter Weapons Instructor Training 2017

"Here comes the boom"

Fighter Weapons Instructor Training 2017

In the period from April 24th until October 27th 2017 will 12 'students' participate in the Fighter Weapons Instructor Training (FWIT).
Denmark-> pilots, The Netherlands-> Pilots, Belgium-> . Pilots, Portugal-> . Pilots, Norway-> . Pilots
FWIT is hosted by the 322 Tactess squadron at the Leeuwarden Airbase.
FWIT, as the course is called, turns experienced European Participating Air Forces (EPAF) F-16 pilots,
usually captains qualified as four-ship flight leads, into weapons officers.

The weapons-instructors has to know after this training all ins and outs of the system (Link 16 datalink capabilities,
the radar performance, GPS-aided inertial navigation system,)
weapons (500-pound Paveway II bomb, GPS/laser-guided weapons, such as GBU-16, 38, 49)
and tactics of the Mid Life Update F-16 to be used.

The graduating students and the instructors return to their squadrons with the latest information on weapons and tactics
to share his skills and expirence to his squadron pilots.

Transport Weapons Instructor Course (TWIC) 2017

New during this episode of the FWIT2017 are the 4 'Students' C-130 pilots are follow a training as
Weapons Instructor / Transport weapons Instructor Course (TWIC).

FWIT European Participating Air Forces (EPAF) Participants:

Belgium (BAF)
FA-98 F-16AM 2 Wing Arr. 02/05 BAF222
FA-118 F-16AM 10 Wing Arr. 02/05 BAF501
FA-119 F-16AM 10 Wing Arr. 02/05 BAF502
FA-83 F-16AM 2 Wing Arr. 12/05 BAF221 / Dep. 18/05 BAF215
FA-89 F-16AM 2 Wing Arr. 18/05 BAF215

FB-21 F-16AM 2 Wing Arr. 1pob / Dep. 2pob 02/05 BAF221
FB-21 F-16AM 2 Wing Arr. 2pob BAF222/Dep. 2pob 12/05 BAF221

Flyvevåbnet Denmark
E-610 F-16AM ESK730 Arr. 01/05 DAF3261
E-024 F-16AM ESK727 Arr. 11/05 DAF3262

The Netherlands (RNLAF)
J-871, J-632 F-16AM 322Tactess --
J-xxx F-16AM 322Tactess --
J-630 F-16AM 312sq Arr. 01/05 STING1 / Dep. 12/05 METAL1
J-005 F-16AM 312sq Arr. 01/05 STING2
J-020 F-16AM 313sq Arr. 12/05 METAL1
J-514 F-16AM 313sq Arr. 19/05 METAL2

Norwegian (NoAF)
298 F-16AM FLO/Sp.Tail Arr. 12/05 NOW338A

299 F-16AM FLO Arr. 12/05 NOW338B / Dep.26/05 NOW132A

664 F-16AM FLO Arr. 12/05 NOW338C

686 F-16AM FLO Arr. 26/05 NOW132A

Força Aérea Portuguesa (Portuguese Airforce), Portugal
15105 F-16AM Esq201/301 Arr. 01-05 AFP85
15114 F-16AM Esq201/301 Arr. 01-05 AFP86
15131 F-16AM Esq201/301 Arr. 01-05 AFP87
15116 F-16AM Esq201/301 Arr. 10-05 AFP17
15107 F-16AM Esq201/301 Arr. 12-05 AFP21 / Dep. 16/05 AFP94

16806 C-130H Esq501 Arr. / Dep. 01-05 AFP94
16701 C-295M Esq502 Arr. / Dep. 03-05 AFP95
16703 C-295M Esq502 Arr.15-05 AFP34 RON / Dep.16-05 AFP34

The seven-month course consists of three flying phases:

AIR-TO-AIR phase
The Air-to-Air phase will be from May 1st until July 14th
The air-to-air phase, begins with basic fighter maneuvers (BFM), --> air combat maneuvering (ACM),
At ... the Students have successfully completed this phase.
The next phase starts at June --> tactical intercepts (TI),--> finally by air combat training (ACT).
In this period several Nato country will send some fighter who will be playing the "enemy".
After this period there will be a holiday stop until July.

Expected Participants
30+70 EF-2000 TaktLwG73 Arr. / Dep. 23-05, GAFS01,
00-3001/LN F-15E-63MC 494FS/48FW Arr. / Dep. 24-05 HOWLER61
96-0201/LN F-15E-58MC 494FS/48FW Arr. / Dep. 24-05 HOWLER62
30+51 EF-2000 TaktLwG73 Arr. / Dep. 24-05, GAFS02
-- L-159E ALCA DRAKEN WK25 19-06 until 23-06
-- L-159E ALCA DRAKEN WK26 26-06 until 30-06
-- L-159E ALCA DRAKEN WK27 03-07 until 07-07
LX-N90.... E-3A NEAW&CF WK27 03-07 until 07-07
-- L-159E ALCA DRAKEN WK28 10-07 until 14-07
G-... C-130H 336sq WK28 10-07 until 14-07

The "Air-to-Ground"(Surface) phase begins at July until October. After two weeks of academic,
the "Air-to-Ground"(Surface) phase begins with --> basic range missions --> basic surface attack --> and by opposed surface attack.
The dropping of "Live" and Dummy bombs during the "Air-to-Ground" (Surface) training practiced will be at various shooting ranges in
The Netherlands (Vliehors "Cornfield" Range, Vlieland) and other countries (Oksbol, Denmark)

Live Weapons Mk.82 (500pnd)
-- F-16AM -- Cornfield WK39 03-10 until 06-10
-- F-16AM -- Cornfield WK40 09-10 until 13-10


Logbook Vliehors "Cornfield" range, Vlieland

Final Mission employment The final mission employment phase combines all the techniques and tactics taught during the previous phases.
The phase included flying with live ordnance and coordinating with other air and ground assets in complex real-world missions.
At the end off course (October 2017) there will be a end presentation and a graduation.

Participants Final mission employment phase

-- -- -- --

October End presentation and Graduation party

On the last two days of the FWIT is on the first day Tactics symposium
for all current Weapon Instructors and students present their final study.
In the evening they received their weapons instructor badge.
The next day is the official graduation with multiple briefings and presentations.

During the training, participants wear still left badge.
On November 9th, the graduation and were .. new weapon instructors for the Fighter Weapons Instructor Training 2017.
From that moment , they may wear the right badge.

Visitors FWIT End presentation and Graduation party

-- -- -- --

Mission times:

During the FWIT the students will make 2 waves a day (1145-1330LT and 1445-1630LT) with F-16's,
besite the regular flying Program of the Leeuwarden based F-16's.

Evening flying
Starts in September and will also take place in Norway, at Bodø

FWIT Mission Callsign's:

Mission callsign's

281.550 ch.u02 - Ground
247.675 ch.u03 120.705 ch.v03 Tower
337.000 ch.u04 132.030 ch.v04 Rapcon North
279.525 ch.u07 - Arrival
264.325 ch.u06 132.350 Dutchmil
397.275 - Dutchmil Pri.
279.000 Pri. Ch.14 138.075 Range control
369.200 Sec. 122.100 Range control
379.850, 317.670 360.875, 258.000 355.625, 316.075
376.775, 245.450 361.400, 368.800 315.270, 277.450
FWIT Air to Air
138.425 138.500 KING 138.575 FLANKER
138.850 VIPER 138.875 139.450 FALCON
140.450 FANG 140.500 EVIL 141.225
141.500 DEVIL - -
- -


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