Weapons Instructor Course (WIC)2021 "BANZAI"

Weapons Instructor Course (WIC)2021

The Weapons Instructor Course (WIC) (Former FWIT) is the training to become a weapons instructor. The training lasts more than 6 months.
Only 24 Students and the Instructor Pilots (IP) of the most talented and experienced F-16, 7 F-35 and C-130 pilots and Patriot Operators, Intell officers and
Air Battle Managers are allowed to follow the training. Participants in 2021 will come from Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway.
WIC takes place from May 3rd to October 22nd.

The seven-month course consists of three flying phases:

AIR-TO-AIR phase

The Air-to-Air phase will be from May until July
The air-to-air phase, begins with basic fighter maneuvers (BFM), --> air combat maneuvering (ACM),
If the Students have successfully completed this phase.
The next phase starts with --> tactical intercepts (TI),--> finally by air combat training (ACT).
After this period there will be a holiday stop until August 2th.

F-16AM Belgium(BAF) 4 Students, 4 Instr.Pilots
FA-94 F-16AM 10 Wing Arr. 28-05 BAF411 / Dep. 23-06 BAF501

FA-127 F-16AM 10 Wing Arr. 28-05 BAF412 / Dep. 16-07 BAF511
FA-132 F-16AM 2 Wing Arr. 28-05 BAF271 / Dep. 07-06 BAF272
FA-129 F-16AM 2 Wing Arr. 28-05 BAF272 / Dep. 16-07 BAF285

FA-126 F-16AM 10 Wing Arr. 31-05 BAF501 / Dep. 16-07 BAF512

FA-130 F-16AM 2 Wing Arr. 07-06 BAF272 / 01-07 VIPER.. W/O Ground incident, Pilot (IP) Ejected

01-07-2021: F-16 collides with Leeuwarden Air Base building.....
A pilot (IP) of a Belgian F-16 had to use his ejection seat while preparing for the morning flights at the air base
in Leeuwarden. His F-16 then collided with a building (see picture below). Two people were injured in the incident.

The pilot (IP) rescued himself with the ejection seat within seconds, but suffered injuries to his leg.
The crew chief suffered minor injuries. Both were taken to the hospital in Leeuwarden and are "well according to
the circumstances", according to base commander Henk "SHAGGY" Doorten. No one was in the building at the time of the accident.
The device was heavily damaged.

FA-107 F-16AM 10 Wing Arr. 23-06 BAF504 / Dep. 16-07 BAF501
FA-91 F-16AM 2 Wing Arr. 06-07 BAF252 / Dep. 16-07 BAF251

F-35A The Netherlands (RNLAF), 4 Students
F-012 F-35A 322sq Based at Fightertown Leeuwarden
F-017 F-35A 322sq Based at Fightertown Leeuwarden
F-018 F-35A 322sq Based at Fightertown Leeuwarden

F-16AM The Netherlands (RNLAF)
J-020 F-16AM 312sq/FC Arr. 28-05 STING2 / Dep. 18-06 BONZO3

J-641 F-16AM 312sq/TD Arr. 28-05 STING3 / Dep.03-06 KING3
J-055 F-16AM 312sq/FC Arr. 28-05 STING4 / Dep. 18-06 BONZO2
J-632 F-16AM 312sq/nmk Arr. 03-06 BONZO1 / Dep. 18-06 BONZO1
J-641 F-16AM 312sq/TD Arr. 17-06 CRACK1 / Dep. 16-07 FIST1
J-008 F-16AM 312sq/FC Arr. 17-06 FIST1 / Dep. 16-07 FIST2
J-017 F-16AM 312sq/FC Arr. 17-06 FIST2 / Dep. 16-07 METAL1
J-201 F-16AM 322TT/TCA Based LWD / Dep. 16-07 METAL2
End of an Era F-16 operations Leeuwarden Airbase "1979-2021"

Support Air-to-Air Phase WIC2021
31+24 EF2000(T) TaktLwG73 Arr. 01-06 GAFS04 / Dep. 01-06 GAFS04
N-116MA LJ-36A Skyline AV Arr. 12-07 IGOR / Dep. 15-07 IGOR
SE-GHB MU-2B-20 Saab.nyge.Aero Arr 12-07 IVAN / Dep. 15-07 IVAN

AIR-LAND Operations:
In Week 27--> July 5th until 09th, Week33--> August 16th until 20th, Week39 --> August 27th until October 1st
Components of this exercise are, under radar threat, tactical movement on low altitudes, carrying out so-called Air-Land Operations at
maritime air base De Kooy and Leeuwarden Air Base and practicing with the so-called Cargo Delivery System-Drops(CDS). To safely place the
affected cargo to be dropped from the aircraft on the intended position, it is necessary that the aircraft concerned can fly sufficiently
low during the approach and departure of the procedures whereby the flight procedures are designed in such a way that the fall below the
minimum flight altitude is limited.

Mission Callsigns : DEVIL.. REBEL..
G-273 C-130H-30 336sq Arr. 28-06 NAF36 / Dep. 29-06 ROGUE11
G-273 C-130H-30 336sq Arr. 02-07 REBEL2 / Dep. 09-07 DEVIL01

G-988 C-130H 336sq Arr. 02-07 REBEL1 / Dep. 02-07 REBEL1
07-8614/RS C-130J-30 37AS/86AW Arr. 06-07 HERKY37 / Dep. 09-07 HERKY37
G-781 C-130H 336sq Arr. 13-08 NAF71 / Dep. 16-08 ROGUE11
G-781 C-130H 336sq Arr. 17-08 NAF71 / Dep. 20-08 DEVIL01


The "Air-to-Ground" (Surface) phase begins at August 02th until September 17th.
the "Air-to-Ground"(Surface) phase begins with --> basic range missions --> basic surface attack --> and by opposed surface attack.
The dropping of "Live" and Dummy bombs during the "Air-to-Ground" (Surface) training practiced will be at various shooting ranges with JTAC teams
for example at the Vliehors "Cornfield" range at Vlieland, the Netherlands. For the final phase to combine all the learned lessons

F-16AM Belgium(BAF) 4 Students, 4 Instr.Pilots
FA-132 F-16AM 2 Wing Arr. 02-08 BAF292 / Dep. 17-09 BAF501

FA-135 F-16AM 2 Wing Arr. 02-08 BAF264 / Dep. 17-09 BAF504

FA-81 F-16AM 10 Wing Arr. 02-08 BAF451 / Dep. 17-09 BAF502

FA-127 F-16AM 10 Wing Arr. 02-08 BAF452 / Dep. 17-09 BAF503

FA-129 F-16AM 2 Wing Arr. 02-08 BAF252

F-35A The Netherlands (RNLAF), 4 Students
F-009,F-010 F-35A 322sq Based at Fightertown Leeuwarden
F-011,F-012 F-35A 322sq Based at Fightertown Leeuwarden
F-015,F-016 F-35A 322sq Based at Fightertown Leeuwarden
F-017,F-018 F-35A 322sq Based at Fightertown Leeuwarden

F-16AM The Netherlands (RNLAF)
J-515 F-16AM 312sq/FC Arr. 02-08 METAL1 / Dep. 17-09 BULLDOG1

J-514 F-16AM 312sq/TD Arr. 02-08 METAL2 / Dep. 17-09 CRACK1

J-014 F-16AM 312sq/nmk Arr. 02-08 METAL4 / Dep. 16-09 DIANA

F-35A 332Skv NORWAY (RNoAF), 3 Students
5208 F35A 332SKV Arr. 10-08 NOW332C
5387 F35A 332SKV Arr. 10-08 NOW332D

5388 F35A 332SKV Arr. 10-08 NOW332E
5148 F35A 332SKV Arr. 11-08 NOW332A "Spirit of Little Norway"

5207 F35A 332SKV Arr. 11-08 NOW332B

Support WIC2021 Air-to-Ground (Surface) Phase
SE-MKG ATR72-600 Braathens Arr. 30-07 BRX8601 from Ørland, Norway
SE-MKG ATR72-600 Braathens Arr. 30-07 BRX9602 to Malmo, Sweden
FB-14 F-16BM 2 Wing Arr. 02-08 BAF251 / Dep. 02-08 BAF251
01 C-17A SAC/HAW Arr. / Dep. 03-08 BARTOK63 from/to Ørland, Norway
01 C-17A SAC/HAW Arr. from Ørland, Norway / Dep. 04-08 BARTOK63 to Eindhoven
45+13 Tor. IDST TaktLwG51 Arr. / Dep. 10-08 GAFM52
ES-NSH SAAB2000 NYXAir Arr. 03-09 OJ/NYX758 / Dep. NYX759
90-0818/SP F-16CM50CF 480FS/52FW Arr. 10-09 WARHAWK01 / Dep. 17-09 WEASEL0. various SEAD missions
90-0828/SP F-16CM50CF 480FS/52FW Arr. 10-09 WARHAWK02 / Dep. 17-09 WEASEL0. various SEAD missions
90-0833/SP F-16CM50CF 480FS/52FW Arr. 10-09 WARHAWK03 / Dep. 17-09 WEASEL0. various SEAD missions
91-0344/SP F-16CM50CF 480FS/52FW Arr. 10-09 WARHAWK04 / Dep. 17-09 WEASEL0. various SEAD missions
91-0360/SP F-16CM50CF 480FS/52FW Arr. 10-09 WARHAWK15 / Dep. 17-09 WEASEL0. various SEAD missions
96-0080/SP F-16CM50CF 480FS/52FW Arr. 10-09 WARHAWK16 / Dep. 17-09 WEASEL0. various SEAD missions

F-GUKC Grob G-120A-F EADS-CATS / FAF Arr. 13-09 / Dep. 15-09 FGUKC/FAF6524

Mission times:

During the WIC2021 the students and their Instructors will make 2 waves a day (0850-1000LT and 1300-1400LT)
besite the regular flying Program of the Leeuwarden based F-35's (F-16's until July 5th.)


The "Mission Employment"phase begins at September 27th until October 8th.
The students end with the mission employment component. The emphasis is on expanding leadership qualities.
To do this, the trainees are put in charge of large formations of different types of combat and support aircraft. This gives them experience in planning,
executing and evaluating major flight operations

Support "END EX" WIC2021
8x 3.+.. EF2000 TaktLwG73 ETA 22-09 GAFS..
6x 4.+.. Tornado ECR TaktLwG51 ETA 22-09 GAFM..

WIC Mission Callsign's:

Mission callsign's Fighters
Mission callsign's C-130

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